Friday Freak Flag Flying ~ “As Far As You Can See As Much As You Can Feel” ~ Gypsy

Written by Enrico Rosenbaum with intro by Bill Lordan/James Walsh
Released in 1971 off Gypsy’s second album “In The Garden”.

This former West Hollywood, Whiskey a Go Go house band produced only four albums (1970-73) but I have no idea of why?

The music was as pure as the harmonies of the vocals. It was one of those psychedelic trip bands and a little more of a progressive twist that blew through in the very early 70’s. Their journey took them from Minnesota to California but all I remember is their muse was an awesome journey through a set of head phones and remember only one station in Detroit that would play this particular song in its entirety. WABX

Personally I wish that station would evolve again with the exact same late 60s early 70s format. They would blow the so-called classic rock station here now WCSX right off the air if they did.

This was a time when it was letting your mind run wild and setting your soul free. God how I miss it.



Enrico Rosenbaum – guitar, vocals
James Walsh – keyboards, vocals
James Johnson – guitar, vocals
Bill Lordan – drums
Willie Weeks – bass
Joe Lala – percussion


Billboard Hot 100…Another mind blower on headphones.



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One response to “Friday Freak Flag Flying ~ “As Far As You Can See As Much As You Can Feel” ~ Gypsy

  1. cooper

    I was always of the opinion that Bill Lordan’s drum style was never a good match for Robin Trower, especially after Reg Isadore’s driving beat on the first two albums, but here Lordan seems much more at home. This is my first exposure to Gypsy – surprising as I am a prog lover and worked in a record store from 72 – 74. I will keep an eye out at my local record exchange for this. Thanx for posting.

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