Detroit City Council Sells Their Souls To The Devil.

Unbelievable 5-4 sell out vote.

You wanted all the unions to make one more concession after hundred already to make Detroit work. And they did reluctantly and not without a fight within their own members. But what does this same Detroit Council Do, Sell Out all of their souls, the Unions included.

Giving in to this bullshit Republican Governor who like all the republicans put together are determined to dismantle every single union within this country of ours. To return everybody back to the days of slave labor.

How in the F’ do you think got the rich got RICH in the first place?

I’m also not into the Black Panther wanna be that stated he’d rather burn down Detroit to let the Governor take over. Excuse me asshole but you are not even from Detroit.

That was total ignorance at its finest and God Help those that stood there applauding him. Man, Wake Up.

Detroit has burned too many times at it is.

No people you don’t burn it down you just don’t let anybody take it by voting with those who are wanting to take it from you.

Charles Pugh: Yes
Gary Brown: Yes
Saunteel Jenkins: Yes
Kenneth Cockrel Jr.: Yes
James Tate: Yes
JoAnn Watson: No
Kwame Kenyatta: No
Brenda Jones: No
Andre Spivey: No


But five members of this council caved. I blame them more than this idiot clueless jerk we have for a Governor.

But now it is time for the UNIONS to do what the Detroit City Council wouldn’t do. Gather all the members and Fight.

They sold you out, they sold themselves out, they sold out the citizens, they sold out everyone who took their time, sweat & souls to the bargaining tables attempting to make it all work only in the end to have it all flushed straight down the toilet by the Detroit City Council. They are Pathetic.

You cannot make deals with the Devil, because the devil is a liar and a cheat and can never be trusted.

Why on earth would you hand this Republican piece of shit what he wanted? Why?

Why would you sell out the Unions who gave you every single thing they possibly could and beyond by putting out on that table even more of what they even had to or could afford to give. Why?

The 5 individuals will not only get burned by giving into this vote, but they will burn every single individual that made concessions at their own request only for you to spit out their lives as if they were nothing.

All contracts with any and all Unions now void. How F’N dare you.

I shit on those five members who sold out everyone.

But you don’t burn your own house down as one dummy by the name of Malik Shabazz has suggested. Minister? This bastard isn’t a Detroiter.

Born 1968 Los Angeles, California, U.S.

This ain’t White Supremacy you deranged self-serving I want attention little punk boy.

Take your sorry ass back to California, talking about you’d rather burn my city down. Go burn your own down dummy, we don’t need you here.

Detroit belongs to ALL OF US. Dad born Detroit 1924, Mother born in Detroit 1931, I was born in Detroit 1957. All uncles and aunts on both sides of family, cousins. 97% first generation buried in Detroit. My grave is at Mt. Olivet at Van Dyke and 6 mile.

I’m Italian, my Italian Immigrant Grandfather who came to this country in 1909 worked on the line at Ford’s along with his 5 sons and 1 of 3 daughters. My Dad, Uncles and Aunt. My grandparents proudest moment was gaining their United States citizenship.

My Dad retired from a Tool & Die shop ( was not union. Efficient Engineering of Oak Park in the 1960s said it would close down if a union was organized ), one uncle and one aunt retired from Chrysler, one aunt retired from the UAW. All of that family are now gone.

Unions and Detroiters, REAL DETROITERS can fight their own battles.

Everybody here needs to open their eyes and ears up to whom is our real enemies here. ALL ENEMIES. No matter what Color.

And we don’t need a black racist equal to the KKK and these rich Republican politicians. This Black Panther wanna be but wasn’t born in the right era who hates Jews and Whites as much as the KKK hates Jews and Blacks are all of the same stripe.

Be educated and don’t get caught up in this crap from somebody who isn’t even from here but trying to gain a name and money for his own pocket.

We have an element to fight and all colors, nationalities and religions who work, all of them together stood and gave what this city council wanted. They were all sold out and the 5 who voted YES weren’t White.

How dare this demented bastard and all like him making this a color thing. This is as stupid as the Governor.

Irregardless of anybodies heritage this isn’t what it’s about.

Detroit is not the only thing Snyder or Republicans want to take over or rip apart.


Jimmy Hoffa left you a legacy that must, I Say Must Go On. People died in a fight so long ago so people would not be enslaved by the rich. This is what it has come down to. The Republican Agenda is to take down, dismantle and destroy every single union across this country.

And if they succeed at this we will be no better off than China and the Countries who dictate over their citizens lives by barely paying them for their sweat and hours of work.

Destroy The Unions, Oppress the Workers and Slave Labor will be brought back gladly by a party of Communists. And make no mistake, that is exactly what these Republicans are.

They want this country enslaved by their rules, paying what they want to pay, prevent health insurance for those who work the hardest.

Time to take all this back to the days of Jimmy Hoffa and show the balls that made the Unions what they are. The Detroit City Council may like their heads cracked, but this is what the Unions had to do. Crack some heads to accomplish where they came from and where they got to. And I’ll be damned if we go backwards any further.

Time to show this Governor and all who think like him what a Force Of People is all about.

The Detroit City Council would not stand and fight, but the Unions and those whose families who were once connected to Industries that were Union and those who should have been but weren’t will stand and fight with you.

We don’t need to burn nothing down. The only thing that needs to burn is our fists and fight again like those before us. We have the numbers, we are the masses.

Never Again Enslaved.



All Detroiters> All Races > All One….Get The Hell Out Of Our City Shabazz







And You and the rest of the Republicans WON’T TAKE DOWN OUR UNIONS. You can Bet Your Ass On That.


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