Surrounded by “EVIL” ~ Steve Miller Band

Hooooo You’re gonna pay baby!

Written by Steve Miller.

This live version was released off the 1973 album The Joker. It was recorded at the Aquarius Theater in Boston on April 26th, 1973.

Steve Miller – guitar, vocals
Lonnie Turner – bass
Dick Thompson – keyboards
John King – drums

(This song is a completely different one of the same title that Willie Dixon wrote).

Steve Miller had been making music and already recorded 7 prior albums before this 8th October 73′ release. His heart and music from the very beginning was blues based. His second album in 1968 Sailor went Gold. 4 years later The Joker went Platinum.

I still wonder why it took so long for the masses to finally catch on.


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3 responses to “Surrounded by “EVIL” ~ Steve Miller Band

  1. cooper

    GREAT Steve Miller selection…especially for those who think “The Joker” and “Fly Like An Eagle” are what he’s all about….

  2. You better believe it cooper.

    Many need to go back and really listen to just the first couple of albums, then all the rest prior to this one. Pure Psychedelics & Blues!

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