Friday At The Fillmore ~ The Sun Is Shining ~ Jeff Beck Group

Written by Elmore James.
Recorded July 24 1968 at The Fillmore West.

Jeff Beck – guitar
Rod Stewart – vocals
Mickey Waller – drums
Ron Wood – bass

Before there was “Truth” there was The Fillmore.

Both East & West venues. They had started this tour at the Fillmore East playing second billing to The Grateful Dead but by time they had wrapped it up in the West playing second billing to Moby Grape their manager had struck a record deal with Epic.

They put out only 2 albums. Waller left after the first, Stewart and Wood left after the second. None suffered as we know. Then changing different members onward to “The Jeff Beck Band”, they put out 2 more albums.

But the biggest mistake Beck did was having broke up the 1969 band for good on the eve of Woodstock where they were scheduled to play. What in the hell was he ever thinking? But obviously for a gigantic reason a regret he would always have.

Four years later to the exact date of this particular Fillmore West performance The Jeff Beck Group officially disbanded in 1972.





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16 responses to “Friday At The Fillmore ~ The Sun Is Shining ~ Jeff Beck Group

  1. Euphorically Stoned…..& I am Currently Clean…The Power of Music!!!

  2. Oh yeah, Beck sounds (heard from today) like beeing on his way to what he became the years later. Typical beckish phrases, but often rather unsober.

  3. still fascinating, never heard this before, always interesting, never repetitive, a man on his way ..

  4. amazing as ever! i’m always excited to discover new (and old) recordings.
    always amazed, but never surprised! one of a kind.

  5. Craig Leist
    Euphorically Stoned…..& I am Currently Clean… LOL …I Love It!

    Thanks for all the comments but that’s Blues, man. It’s a part of the soul. It’s like an addiction you don’t ever want to rid yourself of. Got mine in 1968-69 before 12 years old.

    A month away from turning 55 and I still can’t get enough of it. And this is one woman that literally keeps searching for it.

    Blues is feel-ed, lived, breathed, gone through, survived and you hear it not with your ears but with your heart.

    It is the purest, rawest and honest form of Muse that was ever created and played that all the other genre’s evolved from.

    Once you’ve gotten turned on to it you never look back!

  6. a little rough for release

  7. Blues is RAW Sean. It’s not suppose to be clean cut without a perfect recording flaw.

    That is something music lost a long long time ago that we need back again. I’ll take the vinyl with the scratches over a remastered CD any day. You hear it the way the players meant it to be played.

    But remastered also means cleaning up certain things for better audio clarity I am for.

    This cut was honest that you define as a little rough for release. I’ll take Blues anyway I can get it. It’s not about perfection, it’s about the feeling it came from and what it gives to those hearing it.

    What’s old is new again for this generation and that is a great thing. Hope it leads them all the way back to the actual time period blues was created and by whom. Like the 1960s Brits did.

    The true and original artists.

  8. well said longshot long live the blues

  9. very cool, earthy blues,just what we expect from a legend who is finally getting his overdue accolades.

  10. I was 3 years old when they did this……..
    Dayum I am old!!!

  11. OMG it’s Blues DeLuxe the early cut

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