Detroit Gas Station Re-Opens With Protesters and Signs. A Black Life Is Worth More Than $3.45 For A Gallon Of Gas.

Well to the lady that had that sign can she please explain why she’s not protesting today after a 15 year-old was shot dead in the street Saturday night within miles of this gas station?

You see this is the hypocrisy of all this. In the last 3 months I cannot count how many really young children who have been shot and killed in the city of Detroit.

Every single stinking day here the opening news starts off with these heart breaking stories of blacks slaughtering other blacks. And for the last year mostly innocent young children. Gang banging dope dealing parents that have a target on their backs by someone.

And I have never seen the out cry with signs of this nature. A Black Life Is Worth More Than A???

If Michael Haynes thought the price of the condoms he bought were too expensive why then did he buy them? An argument ensued after he paid for them, I don’t get it? If I go into a store and I think something is too expensive then I don’t buy it. Makes no sense to me to pay for something then say hey this is too expensive then start wrecking the store.

No the gas station attendant had no business shooting the guy to death, if he felt threatened by this behavior he could of just pointed the gun and scared the lunatic out of the store.

I’m fed up with this one sided mentality that goes on in this city and among some ignorant people. Simply because every single day in Detroit, a black is being murdered but 99.9% of the time by another black. Sunday the bodies of two young black females who had been kidnapped in Hamtramck in Feb. were found in a shallow grave. But then two black men that are connected to tis crime are already in jail.

Are not their lives were a protest or somebody holding up a sign and doing some shouting?

In the minds of some blacks, no it’s not. Only when a non-black kills a black is it worth all this phony ass hoopla.

So Michael Haynes II momma wants justice for her 24 year-old baby. And where is Michael Haynes the first?

Maybe the gas station worker was fed up with this young punk mentality that their momma’s put up with. Maybe if these momma’s would bring their baby boys and girls up right with a good ass kicking when young, maybe somebody else down the road who won’t put up with their behavior wouldn’t have to.

No the BOY shouldn’t of been shot, but the BOY should of acted like a MAN instead of some out of control asshole. Turning over shelves not only once, but leaving then coming back into the store a second time to continue wrecking the store.

If you don’t like how things are priced then don’t buy the product.

Everything in a gas station is priced sky high. My car had anti-freeze leaking out of it one night. You think I liked paying $12.00 for one stinking gallon of it? But I didn’t buy it, then regret it and then start turning over the shelves and destroying the store. I cannot imagine acting like this.

It wasn’t how I was brought up. If I would of displayed this behavior my parents would of embedded my head into one of the walls of our house when I was literally still a child. And we had wet plaster walls so it would of been my head that had the hole in it not the wall.

In this day and age these punk ass kids and their punk ass momma’s all act the same. You cannot tell the difference today who is the child from the parent.

So screw all this protesting and ranting about black lives and their worth. I posted this blog last August 29, 2011. I think it’s pretty self explanatory.

A Solemn Motown Monday ~ ” What’s Going On” ~ Marvin Gaye

And those young faces depicted in this blog weren’t out in the middle of the night wrecking stores and knocking over shelves.

I’m tired of all this phony energy directed in the wrong direction. A young punk acting a fool got his ass shot. The question was posed was it worth it to be shot dead over a package of condoms? But to whom are you asking that question of?

Maybe it should of been asked of him prior to his behavior. Maybe big momma can answer it. Maybe if you raised him like a respectable man instead of a baby in which you still describe him as he wouldn’t be dead.

But we just had a 15 year-old teenage boy shot to death just two days ago and I have completly lost count of how many black children that makes just this year alone. And I don’t see any blacks standing on the streets with signs of how much their lives were worth with shouting and protesting.

And I ask why not? You must not think very much of these young black innocent victims and for the mere reason that it was other blacks that murdered them and not somebody else.

The transparency is enough to make us all puke.

Like the gas station owner and manager stated, it was just one man and not the station itself who did this. Just like not all people will walk into a store and act like Michael Haynes II. Both he and the worker who shot him thought they had the right to react anyway they pleased.

But I know one thing the worker reacted to the person wrecking the store. Right or wrong Michael Haynes II had a choice of buying something or not. If the price was too much he shouldn’t have paid for the product when the worker told him the amount.

I’d find me another subject matter a lot more worthy of marching the street for. Like all the children shot in their own beds or in the arms of their dope head parents by gang bangers driving by.

Rising storm of violence hits hard at Detroit’s kids

5th Child Shot In Detroit In Recent Weeks

There is plenty to protest, hold signs and shout for. But Michael Haynes II and some gas station where one individual took it upon himself to shoot him isn’t it.

Every black persons life should be worth it to you.

An 86-year-old World War II veteran was assaulted and his car was stolen in broad daylight and people just walked pass him crawling on the ground.

Your right lady a black life is worth more. Too bad all this protesting didn’t go on for this man. Or another 92 year old WWII vet who got punched 22 times in the face a couple of years back and had his car stolen while four other young black men stood and watched.

F’ your phony protest over a punk who wasn’t brought up to act right.


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