Saturday Sinatra ~ I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Composer – Cole Porter
Arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle

Aired Live At New York’s Madison Square Garden October 12, 1974.

Frank Sinatra – Vocals
Woody Herman and the Young Thundering Herd
Jeff Brillinger – Drums
Bill Miller – Conductor

And what a “Main Event” it was. I remember watching this on TV when I was 17 (i believe there’s another song here somewhere lol) with my parents. And oh yes when they bought the album I stole it! Literally.

They had one of those stereo consoles in two parts and they hardly really played the records they had anyway. In reality I stole all their records because of that fact.

I use to play this on my stereo and blast it. Especially when it came to the break point of this song about the 2:00 min. mark. Man is Music a Passion or what.

And being born in 1957 I got a taste of it all. My own generations and the one before.

My mother told me a story of how when she was still in high school (late 1940s) and he came to Detroit to play a week day matinée and she skipped school with some of her girl friends to see him. She got caught by a truancy officer after the show.

She said my grandmother pulled her hair and beat the hell out of her when she got home. LMAO

She said it was the best beating she ever got! Never really heard his singing all that clear through the show from all the girls screaming and passing out, I mean in my opinion he was as ugly as sin when young. But she said oh it was a good show.

Funny when I blasted my Janis Joplin’s albums and Jimi Hendrix’s, Tull, Allman brothers, Beatles, GFR, Humble Pie, Blues ones, etc…. My parents yelled bloody murder. TURN THAT DAMN THING DOWN.

God when I got Deep Purple’s “Made In Japan” album and turned all the way up “Child In Time” about the time Ian Gillian was screaming ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh I thought I was going to get shot.

But when I put on The Main Event on and blasted it I can hardly remember hearing a peep. Personally I think they were too stunned and stood at a loss for words or at that point of yells. They certainly didn’t barge through the door running at a 100 mph like did they did over my rock-n-roll ones threatening the loss of blood.

In any regard the only reason I was able to find my favorite version of this song on You Tube is because it was inconspicuously posted as Frank Sintra minus an A – Live with Woody Herman Orchestra and not as Sinatra The Main Event.

It was like finding a hidden treasure. There is other songs off that album on YT but with horrid audio and threat of removal. This one was posted in 08. This was always a favorite song of mine from dear ole Franky. I also have the original album that it was on from 1956 “Songs for Swingin’ Lovers”.

I don’t know how swinging I was but have you ever just got up and started dancing to a record. Of course you have. All I know is I don’t believe I danced to any of my parents generations music until this live album from Sinatra came out in 74.

Frankly it was the song “Angel Eyes” from this live performance that struck the biggest chord with me. But if you want to dance, then it’s Ive Got You Under My Skin.

Every Generation has one, an Idol. This guy became many generations.

Where does it hurt you baby!

Yeah as he aged, Sinatra had it alright.





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