Tuesday Turn On ~ I Want You ~ The Beatles

I’ll never forget sitting on my grandmothers living room floor with so much energy as a seven-year old could muster waiting upon the arrival on our black and white TV sets that particular Sunday night on Feb. 9, 1964. It’s when America went wild over four mop topped English lads and we have never looked back.

I have the “Meet The Beatles” album along with millions upon millions of other people. For me it will always be the very earliest of Beatles songs that I will have loved through time. Ironically when the psychedelic Beatles transition took place during 1966 along with the times I seemed less attentive for whatever reason. Yes there were songs I definitely liked in this time period more than others but I still liked the earlier tunes better.

I mean we are talking about a lot of songs here. My first encounter with Love Me Do in 62′ did exactly that to Strawberry Fields Forever four years later. But it would ultimately be the very last song that this group would share a studio together upon completion, “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” that totally captivated my total attention again.

It was the absolutely beautiful blend of many genres of muse within a song. A bluesy jazz rock mix. It was perfect.

So few words yet with so much explosive emotion rocking back and forth. It seemed almost appropriate for the guitar to abruptly end at the songs conclusion as if The Beatles had given their final performance together. And in reality they had, even though they produced one more album after Abbey Road.

It was like the metamorphosis had completed but The Beatles had went out as they came in. Exciting from start to finish.




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