Motown Monday ~ “Open the Door to Your Heart” ~ Darrell Banks

Written by Donnie Elbert.
Released in 1966 on Detroit’s Revilot Records.

“Open the Door to Your Heart” legal name was “Walk Right In”. And I was lucky enough to have found it at all on You Tube.

The song went to #2 on the R&B chart and #27 on Billboard’s 100. Later that year he also did well with “Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You”. Then he moved on to Atco Records but never had another song chart. Many wondered why he was never signed to Motown considering he already had a million hit seller.

Atco released an album of all his Revilot singles.

Recorded for a short time at Stax in 69′ then suddenly and sadly his life ended in Feb. 1970 after being shot to death by a off duty Detroit cop who was seeing Banks girlfriend. There was never any investigation into the circumstances of his death.

After 33 years of being buried in a grave at Detroit’s Memorial Park only marked by a number, it was a group of 5 British soul fans who raised enough money for a head stone for the singer. They flew here, found a employee at the cemetery to help locate the grave. In place of marker #539 now has a beautiful bench inscribed with singer’s name, and his first big hit, Open the Door to Your Heart, musical notes dancing on the edges.

Why it was Northern British fans and not Detroiters is beyond me.

Darrell Banks (real last name Eubanks) soulful voice Walked Right In to not only our music realm here but beyond and will always have a place in the Motor City’s legacy. And many thanks go to those who thought enough of him so many years later to put in place what should of been put in so long ago.






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