In Light Of The March 2012 Tornado Devastation Today’s Sunday Sermon: Be Grateful

If you still have your life.


Storm kills Ga. woman taking shelter in drain pipe

Tornado Miracle: Child in Field Survives Tornado That Killed Family
(who now has also passed)

Blog originally posted March 4 7:22AM
Updated: 8:00pm

4-Year-Old Boy Ripped From Mother’s Arms During Tornado, Dies.





If you still have your family.

If you still have your home.


If you still have your child.


If you still have your car.


If you still have your neighbors and Friends.


If you still have your Pet & Best Friend.


If you still have your clothes.


If you still have your business or a job to go back to.


If you still have your town.


If you still have your church.


If you still have your FAITH.


If you still have each other.


I have no idea why things happen the way they do. No answers or explanations. All I know is I read a lot of stupidity on many news message boards, the same total brainless political garbage that always seems to spew from the utmost ignorant of people. When Katrina hit New Orleans you had Pat Robertson and the nut cases who affiliate themselves with being conservative stating God is punishing the sinners. And when tornado’s rip up the bible belt you have the equally stupid having to come back and say God is now punishing these folks.

It never ceases to amaze me during the worst tragedies how the most deviant people crawl out of the woodwork with their twisted views.

Number one WEATHER is not political and God hates no one across this nation or any other country as far as that goes. He doesn’t punish the blue states nor the red ones or those who reside in them in this manner.

Weather doesn’t discriminate who it touches and who it destroys.

As with the tornado’s of last years devastation it knew no political party, skin color, nationality, religion or whether anybody was conservative or liberal. There was enough damage to go around and I’m sick of this idiotic rhetoric.

I look at these pictures and I see the faces of those affected by these horrific storms. The damage and uprooting of people’s lives, young and old and I feel nothing but complete sadness for all.

I don’t know anybody who turns on the TV and gains some sort of pleasure knowing a certain landscape of the United States has been ripped and torn apart. Only the deranged and heartless that don’t even care about their own beings come out with the stupidity.

I’m anything but fanatical when it comes to religion. I’m a quiet christian who has no answers to the why but I still know there is a God.

To the people across these states that were hit with this wide spread disaster and devastation who lost loved ones along with their homes, livihoods, schools, churches and what ever else that this may have touched that was dear to you. Sane people across the country are praying for you for you are in their thoughts and their hearts.

And if you have all of the things that these people are now without. Be Grateful.

May God Speed and may my favorite gospel song bring you some much needed uplifting peace.


“Be Grateful” –
Walter Hawkins and the Love Center Choir



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