Detroit Red Wings Make History #21 And Salute Their Fans!

Red Wings set the record Tuesday evening to a sell out crowd with 21 straight home wins that began on Nov. 5.


Henrik Zetterberg scored the first goal of the night, Brad Stuart blazed the second off a Darren Helm draw win that Dallas’s goalie never even saw. And Jiri Hudler sealed the night. Even though with just 33 seconds left in the game Dallas had to ruin Joey MacDonald’s shut out with one of their own.

When all said and done the Red wings would celebrate their victory and set in stone Detroit’s new place in history. Hopefully Friday we’ll have #22.

Before the Valentine’s Day game the team paid homage to Tomas Holmstrom who played his 1,000th game last friday night and there is nobody more deserving. I cannot count how many goals this left winger has actually been credited for since with the Red wings with his place in front of the opposing goalie. Others may shoot it in but if not for Holstrom who is constantly doing the screening and redirecting the team would not have been in the winning column as much over the years.

Every player contributes to their team and Holstrom gives it a 1,000% each and every game.

After that pre-national anthem salute to their team-mate they would go on to play the game in which they would set the record for consecutive home wins and there would be an even more heartfelt homage paid to their fans after the games end when all the players gathered in center ice with their sticks raised high and applauded the most loyal, loudest and appreciative fans in the NHL league who know how to party in the grandest of celebratory fashion for nights like this.

After all this is HOCKEYTOWN USA!


Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Live Bullet 1976 Cobo Arena – Detroit, Michigan



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