Saturday “SMITH” ~ Baby It’s You

In reality this was my favorite song out of all the hits from “The Shirelles” and there were a lot of them. And nobody could have repeated their exact rendition as good.

But when the summer of love in 67′ exploded and the tide turned once again with the arrival of the hippie generation, there was one group that put their own arrangement to this song in 1969 and it seem to come out with the same perfection as the original for its day.

Smith put just the right amount of a psychedelic twist on their version of “Baby it’s You” to once again make the song identifiable to the specific artist.

What a difference 8 years made in The Age of Aquarius. And it proved to be a power house of a hit for the latter as well. The Shirelles in 1961 charted #8 on Billboard 100 and in 69′ Smith charted #5 and sold over a million copies gaining them a gold record.

From the days of innocence to a time period of a more free-spirited expression. And Gayle McCormick sang it in a sultrier, bluesier and more explosive fashion and it worked.



Written by Burt Bacharach – Music
Luther Dixon (credited as Barney Williams) and Mack David – Lyrics.

Gayle McCormick – lead vocals
Larry Moss – organ
Jerry Carter – bass
Robert Evans – drums
Rich Cliburn – lead guitar





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3 responses to “Saturday “SMITH” ~ Baby It’s You

  1. cooper

    Baby It’s You was a gutsy entry in ’69…a year that had so many outstanding songs. Gayle’s voice ranges from gutsy to sultry. Outstanding.

  2. This was my FIRST concert. I was 10 or 11 in Odessa TX. (Tony Joe White opened: “Poke Salad Annie”). I was on the edge of my ticketed seat for Gayle to sing “Baby It’s You.” When they closed with it, I was launched into the edge of Heaven. Ms. McCormick owned that song. I wanted to hear it over and over “live”. I believe it was Mark Twain who said, ” A man can live two weeks on a good compliment .” I am still in orbit over that performance !!!

  3. Tony would have had me going at “Polk Salad Annie” LOL, of course I’m female. But in retrospective I also was sent into psychedelic Heaven coming up on latter day hippie-hood. I was also 11 when this song hit the airwaves.

    You were lucky though I couldn’t go to my first concert until 1972 at 15. Glad this song and group rocked your world and still does. Our generation had the best in rock.

    BTW TY John for the comment making me realize the video need updating, You Tube has been a challenge keeping up with what disappears.

    You can click onto the Face Book tab underneath and it will be applied to your page, just not in auto-play.

    And here is TJW, Polk Salad Annie’s blog.

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