Sunday “Taboo” ~ Santana

When this album came out in 71′ particularly when hearing this song for the very first time. My only memory was stoned out of my gourd and another one of those songs you just slipped into like a dream you never wanted to exit.

Ironically at the same time there is something almost hauntingly depressing about it but have never figured out exactly why. Might have been the exact time and mood prior to smoking about 20 joints among friends with some Boones Farm for good measure or maybe it was just a deeper more mysterious bluesy ride I wasn’t accustomed to yet. Santana’s Muse had that effect on you and this third album seem to have a darker yet pleasurable journey to it.



Santana (III) – Released Sept. 1971

Written by José “Chepito” Areas & Greg Rolie

Carlos Santana – Guitar, Vocals
Gregg Rolie – Keyboards, Piano, Lead vocals
Neal Schon – Guitar
David Brown – Bass
Michael Shrieve – Drums, Percussion
José “Chepito” Areas – Percussion, Conga, Timbales, Drums
Mike Carabello – Percussion, Conga, Tambourine, Vocals

This would be the last album in which bassist David Brown and Michael Carabello would play. During the making of the fourth album Greg Rolie & Neal Schron would follow.



Santana III would chart number 1 on Billboard 200.
US: 2× Platinum.

It would be the last to claim that number 1 spot until 1999. Other hits off the album: “No One to Depend On”, “Everybody’s Everything” which jammed & “Everything’s Coming Our Way”.

But Taboo was in a realm of its own.

I lay not sleeping
Don’t know what to do
Lay out in waiting
Lord for the noon

Pass so slowly
Time without you
I can’t see why
My open eyes can’t see

So much to look by
So many things to be
Can’t keep looking
In and out of me
She looks at nothing
Someone you all have seen
She never cried
As I watched her leave

Try to help me
Find the change in me
Oh, oh, oh

Try to help me
Find the change in me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah



Hines Park/Gulley Turn Around and the path to the Swing.

Us hippies first home in the Heights.


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  1. I was just listening to this album and once again was blown away by “Taboo”. It’s funny how often I look into a song I especially enjoy and run across your blog!

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