Friday Funk ~ T.N.U.C. ~ Grand Funk Railroad

All everybody focused on in our late 1960s-early 70s world was how great that John Bonham of Zepplin was, Keith Moon of The Who was, Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones, Ian Paice of Deep Purple was. Shit people have even put Ringo Starr up there as a how great he was along with countless others.

And all I know is Don Brewer Could and Would of blew the balls off of all of them put together.

Yes there were fabulous players during this time period and specific great solo’s by many. Ginger Baker was among the elite because of the different kinds of styles he did play. Mike Shrieve tore up with Santana as did Ron Bushy on In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida with Iron Butterfly. But for hard core Rock-n-Roll shake, rattle and roll and tear the house down with each and every song, it was a trio out of Flint, Mi. that were at the top of every-body’s game back when.

Mark Farner, Mel Schacher & Don Brewer were in my opinion among the greatest Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer and Vocalists. And I don’t even know if Don Brewer is on anybodies top 100 list let alone top 10 for drummers and they are all crazy.

Even more evident on “Inside Looking Out”.


After all this is the band that sold out faster than The Beatles did at Shea Stadium in 1971. And who police feared their fans would collapse the entire stands rocking up and down during the concert.

Yet this band still never gets regarded as anything outside of Detroit and that my Rock-n-Roll fans is stinking sad. Better open your ears because neither Moon nor Bonham came close to Brewer. And saw him a few years back Downtown and he still doesn’t miss a beat. My only wish is that the three original members could mend their differences in whatever the problem is and reunite and stay that way forever.

Don & Mel still tour as GFR and Mark has his own band. But for their devout fans they will always in our minds be meant to be together, Period!




Written by Mark Farner
Released off the debut 1969 album ” On Time”

Mark Farner – vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano
Don Brewer – vocals, drums
Mel Schacher – bass



And it’s been beyond damn time for GFR to be Inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall Of Fame. Like in Decades Ago.



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2 responses to “Friday Funk ~ T.N.U.C. ~ Grand Funk Railroad

  1. cooper

    I was a slobbering GFR junkie…saw them twice at Madison Square Garden (Phoenix and WAAB tours). I love playing drums to Brewers stuff. It’s a shame he screwed Farner out of the song rights and then kicked him out of the reunion band…what a schmuck. has tainted my GFR enthusiasm.

  2. Terry Knight who managed GFR took every single dime from this group in 1972 that they ever gained through 1972 when they severed ties to him. None ever received one iota in royalties to prior recordings until “We’re An American Band”. In 72′ Grand Funk sued Knight and he counter sued and he won. Farner is quoted as saying Knight won ownership of all the group’s early publishing, a fact that he gets absolutely no royalties from his songwriting.

    Don Brewer had nothing to do with any of that. The whole band got ZERO for all the albums and hits they produced. And Brewer did not kick anybody out of anywhere. Mark Farner and Don’s egos clashed from way back and with their reunion from 96-98 they continued the clash.

    Farner had became a born again Christian and wanted to go his own way period. Don and Mel both approached Mark for another reunion tour in 2000 but he declined and stated he wanted to continue to pursue his solo career. Don & Mel went on to recruit a few members and still tour as GFR.

    Yes Mark signed into a legality (limited liability corporation) maybe unknowing when he did the other two could vote to go on touring as GFR without him if he didn’t want to go beyond the two year reunion. Yes he did say he was tricked so they voted him right out. I’m no longer an officer of the corporation even though I own a third of it!”

    And he felt that the name GFR was misleading but in reality we as lovers of the orginal three member band know it’s not Mark up there on that stage. So in reality the fans know the score.

    I saw Mark’s band at the Winter Blast in 2006, man it was on the warmish side and everybody was standing in the rain and I wouldn’t of missed it for the world. I sang along with each and every song sung. I felt like a teenager again. I also saw Don & Mel behind the GM renaissance at WCSX summer rock concert series in 2006 or 07. The muse was excellent but I couldn’t help thinking and wishing it was still just the three of them playing on that stage.

    Everybody did.

    Mark Farner has said it is still a remote possibility that there might be a third reunion on the horizon but he doesn’t seem all that bitter.

    But in no way did Don Brewer screw Farner out of the song rights. That was Terry Knight and Terry Knight alone. He was a piece of shit that made millions off this bands sweat, time and talent.

    Detroit Metro Times did an excellent story of GFR back in 2002. I’ve posted the link for you to read the article. The only thing I don’t agree on this article is when it was stated that nobody from this area seem to know who they were. Are they kidding or what?

    We more than knew and it has been us that have never understood to this day while one of the greatest bands from this era still haven’t been inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall Of Fame.

    For me and for the masses of their fans I do hope they settle the differences and reunite and stay that way. But like Farner said in the interview, things change, bands come and go and that’s the way it is.

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