Shaun White “Lightening” Gets #5 Gold With A Perfect 100! Winter X Games 17

Shaun White Scores Perfect 100 to Win SuperPipe Gold

Shaun White set this sport ablaze and he caught my eye with his first gold in the 2008 Winter X Games. And in 2010 he made that entire Olympics. But Sunday Night he set the stage for a record that can never be broken with a perfect score of 100.

When they put that up I yelled about that many times. YEAH!

Face it this guy is exciting to watch because he always seems to come through with something better than the last with each and every performance. We almost expect it and he certainly didn’t disappoint last night. He never does.

As the song say’s come on baby and we’ll FLY!

And Shaun did exactly that. In fact he made us feel like we all did.

Thank You.




Lighthouse – One Fine Morning

Written by Skip Prokop
Released in 1971 from their 4th song entitled album

Skip Prokop – drums, percussion and vocals
Paul Hoffert – piano and vibes
Ralph Cole – guitar and vocals
Louie Yacknin – bass
Bob McBride – lead vocals and percussion
Don DiNovo – viola
Dick Armin – cello
Pete Pantaluk – trumpet
Keith Jollimore – sax,flute and vocals
Howard Shore – sax
Larry Smith – trombone and vocals
Added percussion by the Maltese Falcon and the Edmonton Hawks
Added bass vocals by ‘Teeth’


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