Etta James Broke Down the Barriers and Won.

There will be nothing I can add to what is, has and will ever be said about Miss Etta James. She was a gutsy take no shit singer. She knew what she had and she made damn sure by time she got done every one would know it. She had nothing to prove to herself and as soon as she started singing she also knew she never had to prove nothing to those who would witness first hand what she possessed. Her vocal chords told her story. From the very start to the very finish.

Etta lost her battle with cancer on Friday but she didn’t go out without swinging back. Her whole life had been a fight and for the most part she won out not without some demons, we all have them.

But she survived them and went on. She knew from a child in this lifetime you’ve only got one person you can depend on and that’s your own self. He attitude epitomized the saying ” No Guts No Glory” and she went for it all. And because of it, we had the privilege of hearing one of the rawest forms of gut wrenching soul. It was created straight out of her pain and heart. Only in her physical presence has her voice been silenced. Because in the realms of audio waves that will span into space with her talent ringing out.

Etta James will never ever leave us. Because it is impossible to lose that fighting soul. Her voice, her talent didn’t need any vocal lessons, hers came with birth raw, pure and full of fire.

Thank You Miss Etta for a lifetime of music that we will continue to enhance our minds and souls with. You also epitomized what was REAL and we are forever grateful for your truth. You didn’t sing stories, you sang Life. And we will never forget about what you gave us.

Pure Pleasure. Our hearts melted with every chord you sang. God has welcomed you, we will miss you.



This will always be my ultimate favorite. Something so good it can make you hurt, cry and enjoy all at the same time. It spoke for all of people who were rejected at some point of their life. Sometimes from birth.


We’ll try not to cry Etta but it’ll be hard.

Thank You

God Speed to her family, friends and her countless fans throughout this entire world.

6 Grammys
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) Lifetime Achievement Award
Billboard R&B Founders Award


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