Saturday Smooth ~ Babyface ~ For The Cool In You

Written by Kenneth Brian “Babyface” Edmonds.
Released off the songs self entitled 4th album in Aug. 1993.

Now I’ve got to admit beyond the middle 1970s when I personally thought that music went down straight down the toilet, there were also sporadic exceptions that came along. Nothing I’d go out and buy an album for but there was some definitely good singles and songs that emerged. And to me this was one of them.

It also has a very special memory attached to it. On Thanksgiving that year I went to one of my closest friends daughters for dinner and I had never heard the song before when another daughter put the cassette tape of it on. Immediately took a liking to it to the point that I made her play it about 20 times. Somebody said damn just give her the tape to borrow. LOL

To be honest I don’t remember if she did or not. All I know is I still love the song and what it reminds me of. A dear and good friend I had instantaneously became friends with in 1975 when I was 18 and the good times we had over the years I had the privilege of knowing her.

Frankly we grooved to the Blues and old Motown more than anything else.

We lost her in Sept. of 2002. But I can still see her smiling face while dancing to the song sitting in that chair. And that makes this jam worth its weight a million times in gold.




“In Memory of Ernestine Ruffin”

This is “For The Cool In You”. You are dearly missed.

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