Friday Freedom ~ In This Place ~ Robin Trower

Written by Robin Trower

Released off his second album Bridge of Sighs in 1974.

Robin Trower – guitar
James Dewar – bass, vocals
Reg Isidore – drums

There wasn’t one bad song off this entire album. This original “Procol Harum” member only excelled as he went along. And I got into every single bit of it. Jimmy Dewar’s vocals just seemed to match Trower’s playing as if both his voice and the guitar rang as one. And on this song it just seemed even more magical. You just drifted into space with the muse itself. It became your own “In This Place” anyway you wanted to imagine it.



Reg Isidore – April 4, 1949 – March 22, 1999 – 59 yrs. old

James Dewar – Oct. 12, 1942 – May 16, 2002 – 59 yrs. old

Took their place in Heaven.


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