Motown Monday ~ The Funk Brothers

These Musicians were MOTOWN.

They alone gave the artists the Muse to make it complete for a sound that would be recognized and known around this entite world as, Motown.

Earl Van Dyke
Robert White
Joe Hunter
Johnny Griffith
Eddie Willis
Joe Messina
William “Benny” Benjamin
Richard “Pistol” Allen
Uriel Jones
The Best Bassist In The World James Jamerson
Bob Babbitt
Jack Ashford
Eddie “Bongo” Brown

Detroit, Michigan had it all and owned the sound.
It was “MOTOWN” and it was ours.

I’m proud to make The Funk Brothers my first Motown Monday of the New Year dedicated to the greatest group of musicians ensembled.

Nobody did it better and nobody will ever repeat what these guys did again. Forever in this city’s hearts and souls forever.






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