Who in the hell do these N. Korean Citizens think they are trying to kid?

In reality they’re thinking…

I mean terror-stricken people putting on a good front so they won’t be executed or are they that brainwashed?

A little hard to believe that they’re all wailing and falling to the ground about this leader’s death who murdered millions of them and kept the rest in oppression.

I mean their frozen in synchrony toy soldiers probably have them thinking if you don’t cry we’ll blow your brains out. But who knows that same military may also want to jump for joy as they too can’t really express their true feelings or don’t realize what true freedom is to think for themselves.

But stop already with the dramatics North Korean Citizens. Your dictator who has slaughtered, starved and had you begging for whatever crumbs he would throw at you is dead. Fuck his son who is taking his place, he looks like he doesn’t know where he’s at. If I were these people there would be no time better for a revolt against all of this murderous dictatorship.

Hell the Arab countries have raised up to fight against their regime’s, no time better for the N. Koreans as well. Surely they must understand that if they launch nuclear weapons the same will be launched against them. Any human being with any kind of sense must know death is not much of a future and I would think what this sick old bastard put them through over the years they would want something better. Nobody wants to kill them but their own country’s leaders.

Shit what are you crying about? He is finally dead, don’t put on an act for what will continue for your non future, CELEBRATE THEN FIGHT!


The Strings Have Been Broken,

Keep Them That Way.

The Demon Is Dead. Fall to your knees to do battle not mourn.

Crazy People.

This is how a N. Korean living in California reacted. Get It? He Knows What True Freedom Is. No damn tears out of this mans eyes, this should be every N. Korean with a celebratory Great Big Smile.

It’s Your Time Now – Get A Taste!


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One response to “Who in the hell do these N. Korean Citizens think they are trying to kid?

  1. Atticus Finch

    You have to remember that what you see is just what the N. Korean media is letting everyone see – that is people mourning the death of their leader.

    Also, of course the country is brainwashed. Most of them think he was a savior and don’t even realize what’s going on, on the rest of the planet. You just don’t know what you don’t know…

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