Saturday Down & Dirty ~ Tin Pan Alley/Dirty Pool ~ SRV & Double Trouble

One instantaneous moment of time in every soul who has walked this earth in their lifetime has experienced it. No matter where you were or what state of mind, something grabbed a hold of it and suddenly you felt panic. Didn’t matter if in reality whether there was real cause for it, you found yourself frozen wondering how or what direction you would take your next step to get out of it.

A place, a situation. Is it real or simply a delusion. A certain part of town, a specific area or street where maybe its reputation now had you standing in fear. Seeing or not an individual or many or none, a little drunk, a little high or completely sober but just lost.

One thing was for sure, what you feared the most in that precise moment would also be when you felt the most alive even though you didn’t know what would happen next. For it was that feeling of fear that also meant you were still in existence… so it turned out as something unknowingly good.

A hot summer breeze blowing at midnight with the only chill coming from within when you suddenly realize you have accidentally walked into………. Tin Pan Alley.






“Tin Pan Alley (aka Roughest Place in Town)”
Written by Robert Geddins
Released off the 1984 album “Couldn’t Stand the Weather”.

Dirty Pool
Written by SRV & Doyle Bramhall
Released off the 1983 album ” Texas Flood”

Version playing from “Live In Tokyo”
Recorded January 24, 1985
Released on July 11, 2006

Stevie Ray Vaughan – guitar, vocals
Tommy Shannon – bass
Chris Layton – drums



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One response to “Saturday Down & Dirty ~ Tin Pan Alley/Dirty Pool ~ SRV & Double Trouble

  1. What a great way to start my Saturday
    with the one, the only Stevie Ray

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