Horse Slaughter Back On


These are the names of those who voted on Nov. 17th for and against this barbaric passage quietly lifting the ban on funding horse meat inspections, now making it with almost certainty that slaughter houses will be up and running ASAP.

The options facing Congress were to further ban export of horses for slaughter or to lift the domestic slaughter ban. Congress chose the latter.

Horses Could Soon Be Slaughtered for Meat in US

Within this article and others:

Dave Duquette, president of the nonprofit, pro-slaughter group United Horsemen, said no state or site has been picked yet but he’s lined up plenty of investors who have expressed interest in financing a processing plant. While the last three slaughterhouses in the U.S. were owned by foreign companies, he said a new plant would be American-owned.

“I have personally probably five to 10 investors that I could call right now if I had a plant ready to go,” said Duquette, who lives in Hermiston, Ore. He added, “If one plant came open in two weeks, I’d have enough money to fund it. I’ve got people who will put up $100,000.”

Rep. Adrian Smith, a Nebraska Republican who fought for the change. “Reinstating a humane, accountable and legal management tool is good for horses, good for owners and is good policy.”

Sue Wallis, a Wyoming state lawmaker who’s the group’s vice president, said ranchers used to be able to sell horses that were too old or unfit for work to slaughterhouses but now they have to ship them to butchers in Canada and Mexico, where they fetch less than half the price.

The federal ban devastated “an entire sector of animal agriculture for purely sentimental and romantic notions,” she said.

ROMANTIC did this bitch say?

How about we cut the throats of her children? Or would that be too sentimental?

Has this piece of garbage and the others who voted for this on again slaughter ever been around horses? Have they ever looked into their eyes? Been in a stall with one who has a ritual of playing with you with different mannerisms because of the love that horse has for you.

Does any of these Yea votes understand or realize how passionate and loving these Horses really are?

And to use the recession as an excuse for this Bill?

Well then I propose we put to death all convicted first degree without a doubt murderers because how many $$$ Billions does it cost to keep them in jails, feed them, give them medical care each and every year. And for what? They took the life of somebody’s loved one yet they get to continue on with their life?


It’s cruel and inhumane to put to death murderers of people, but not inhumane to cut the throats of an innocent animal who has committed no crime against anybody. But people get to vote to slaughter them. They certainly don’t have a say so.

And for Peta to go along with this bullshit putting out their own statement that slaughter is more human to starving them.

How in the world did the crime of animal abuse get into this particular picture of Horse Slaughter?

There are abused children to such degrees its enough to enrage somebody to kill the abusers. But we don’t.

So, should we start killing children because it’s far better than to just end their lives compared to allowing their continued abuse? Or for that fact elder abuse or small animal abuse.

This is an insane statement by Peta. You prosecute the abusers who starve and kill their animals purposely, you certainly don’t say we will just kill the animal to prevent its abuse.

My God, what has this society been brought to?

Looking for any excuse to eradicate the lives of defenseless helpless horses who also have blood running through their veins and hearts that pump life into their bodies. They see, hear, respond, feel, love, hurt in the same manner as human beings. And obviously even more than those who voted to again allow them back into the kill pens to suffer before taking in to have their throats cut wide open.

You see this is how they slaughter them. Cutting their jugular veins and leaving them to bleed out until they drop dead.

And one bitch by the name of Sue Wallis, a Wyoming state lawmaker says The federal ban devastated “an entire sector of animal agriculture for purely sentimental and romantic notions,”.

These horses have the right to live lady. Their lives are more than sentimental and romantic notions. Go to a farm and see them. Watch them breath, eat, run, play.

One whose personality I will never forget to the day I die used to scratch my back, LITERALLY.

Go On Go was his race name, we just called him Go Go. I was the groom assigned to him at DRC. We had a daily ritual after the morning track run or turn out and feed time, then it was time to do him up. Starting by his playful behavior of pulling the back of my jeans when I picked his feet, literally shake, rattle and roll almost dancing while brushing him up. I would turn around and say OK scratch my back, you didn’t think he understood? You’re wrong he started running his head up and down my back, but wouldn’t do it until I said scratch my back. This horse understood more than people will ever realize what they understand and all are about. This horse had a personality of his own, they all do.

Reality is I loved that horse, and reality is that horse loved me and he showed it. Which is more than what I can say to these heartless human beings that voted to put the slaughter back on of these, loving animals. And there were others I took care of over the years that I loved that will never leave me.

You don’t kill something because there are worthless inhumane people out there starving and abusing them. You prosecute and convict and punish the people responsible for the abuse. But if we as a society are going to start slaughtering everything to prevent the abuse of, then I say lets start with Murderers in prison. As far as that goes how many children did that Penn State coach abuse or anybody who has abused children through history? Rapists who have forever destroyed the lives of their victims. Just ask Singer Connie Francis.

No we won’t vote to kill people who have done more harm to society through genocide, torture and abuse. Because other people can talk against it, but a horse or any animal cannot speak up and plead for their lives. They value each and every breath they take as we do.

Sentimental & Romantic?

You Son Of A Bitches.

This is HUMANE Rep. Adrian Smith?

It made me sick to even see and post these pictures but maybe that is what all those people behind the Yeas need to see. In fact maybe they should all be required to go to a slaughter house and witness a living breathing horse standing there unknowing what is about to happen to them then see what does first hand.

I’ll give Sue Wallis and the likes of her who can make calls then in moments have enough money to open a slaughterhouse to kill these beautiful and noble animals who know how to love more than any of these people who dishearteningly call the ban merely sentimental and romantic.

I’d like to see you myself face to face SUE.

You see children and animals are so similar in so many respects. They cannot not fight their abusers and are as equally as helpless as the other. We can do what we please with them. Starve them, beat them, rape them, chain them up and yes out power them and murder them.

We just don’t vote to kill the children to stop the abuse. But in the minds of all who voted for this barbaric process again the Horses lives are worthless.

If this is the only way in which America can gain back money lost during the recession I feel sorry for all of us. We are in fact more than sad desperate sickening times.

U.S. Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., is lobbying to permanently ban horse slaughter.

“The process is inhumane. I am committed to doing everything in my power to prevent the resumption of horse slaughter and will force Congress to debate this important policy in an open, democratic manner at every opportunity,” Moran said.

Animals Petition: Ban horse slaughterhouses |

I encourage every single individual who loves these  horses to sign this petition.

And contact all on the list ( on top at the start of the blog ) who voted Yea to lift this ban. In the upcoming days I will look up every single name/ individual who voted this way and will have their email addresses or contact info. available.

Home – (307) 685-8248
Cell – (307) 680-8515

Representative Adrian Smith – Doesn’t have an email address

Grand Island Office
1811 West Second Street, Suite 275
Grand Island, NE 68803
Phone: (308) 384-3900
Fax: (308) 384-3902


You don’t end the abuse by slaughtering its victim.

They hope for the day to be rescued from the abuse for a better life, only with a horse its rescue instead means an end to it.

What in Gods name is the matter with people?


Why did you sign such a thing President Obama in person or electronically?



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18 responses to “Horse Slaughter Back On

  1. You’re Welcome Jo-Claire and for All who love horses.

    Please click onto this link, create an account, wait for the verification link then PLEASE SIGN PETITION.

    We petition the obama administration to:

    honor his campaign promises to end horse slaughter, immediately sign an executive order ceasing all horse slaughter.

    In 2008, then presidential candidate Barrack Obama promised, when asked, “Will you support legislation …to institute a permanent ban on horse slaughter and exports of horses for human consumption”, you gave an unqualified “Yes”.

    Now, Nov 18th, 2011, you broke that promise by signing into law the bill instituting the FDA funding for horse slaughter plants.

    You must immediately issue an executive order banning horse slaughter and outlawing the exporting of horses for slaughter.

    Obama, keep your promise, keep horses from the brutality of the slaughter pipeline.

    Created: Nov 29, 2011

    Signatures needed by December 29, 2011 to reach goal of 25,000

    As of Dec. 15th 3:40AM
    23,232 to go.

    Total signatures on this petition 1,768.


    PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION. For it is only us that Hold the Fate of these Horses Lives in our hands and hearts.

  2. It Does Get acknowledgement and hopefully will lead to truthful Results.

    This petition below has been responded to by the White House. But the above needs 25,000 signatures and it is not only to permanently Ban the Slaughter here in this country but to “END THE EXPORTING OF HORSES from the USA for human consumption” to other countries. So if you love Horses send above petition link out to your friends after you sign the petition!

    Support a Ban on Horse Slaughter
    President Obama should support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011, S.B. 1176/H.R. 2966, to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption:

    1) Horses are revered for their contributions to the building of this country, their companionship and special bond with people;
    (2) Horses are not raised for the purpose of being slaughtered for human consumption, and, indeed, American horses are not raised, fed and medicated within the FDA guidelines established for food animals, making them potentially unfit and unsafe for human consumption;
    (3) Horse slaughter is animal cruelty, not humane euthanasia; it means environmental and economic devastation for communities; and
    (4) Banning slaughter would reduce the number of horses in need and improve horse welfare.

    Created: Sep 23, 2011
    Issues: Agriculture, Environment, Natural Resources
    total signatures

    Official U.S. Department of Agriculture Response to Support a Ban on Horse Slaughter

    Ensuring the Humane Treatment of Horses

    UPDATE: December 13, 2011

    By Dr. Elisabeth Hagen

    Thank you for writing to relay your concerns regarding horse slaughtering. We appreciate your involvement in the We the People project and value your input on issues facing our country.

    The humane treatment of horses reflects the values of our Nation.

    Recently Congress lifted a ban prohibiting federal funding for the inspection of horses, which had prevented the slaughter of horses for human consumption for the past five years. While Congress has technically lifted the ban, USDA does not expect horse slaughter to resume in the near term as a number of Federal, state and local requirements and prohibitions remain in place. Furthermore, there have been no requests that the Department initiate the authorization process for any horse slaughter operation in the United States at this time.

    While some horses continue to be exported to other countries for slaughter, USDA makes it a priority to ensure that these horses are transported and treated humanely. For example, USDA recently extended protection to horses delivered to collection points prior to export, reflecting the Administration’s commitment to protecting animal welfare.

    Thank you again for your input on this important issue.

    Dr. Elisabeth Hagen serves as Under Secretary for Food Safety at the USDA

    Original Response: November 22, 2011

    By Edward Avalos

    Thank you for writing to relay your concerns regarding horse slaughtering. We appreciate your involvement in the We the People project and value your input on issues facing our country.

    The humane treatment of horses reflects the values of our Nation.

    Since 2007, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been barred from using appropriated funds to inspect horse slaughter facilities, so no federally inspected horse slaughter facilities have operated since that time. While some horses continue to be exported to other countries for slaughter, USDA makes it a priority to ensure that these horses are transported and treated humanely. For example, USDA recently extended protection to horses delivered to collection points prior to export, reflecting the Administration’s commitment to protecting animal welfare.

    Thank you again for your input on this important issue.

    Edward Avalos is Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Reform Programs at the USDA

    • Remember to continue to call the White House at 202-456-1111, leave a comment asking the President issue an Executive Order banning horse slaughter and the transport of US horses for slaughter. Then call the Capital at 202-224-3121 and ask for your respective Senators and Congressmen and ask them to sponsor and support S 1176 and HR 2966. Also if they sit on the Commerce committee in the Senate ask them to bring it to a vote, if they sit on the Agriculture committe ask them the same.

  3. Excellent

    Find Your Representative

    Find Your Senator

  4. Remember that in the end, the failure to zero-fund USDA inspectors was initiated at committee level by three monsters: Senator Kohl, Rep Kingston and Sen Blunt. The huge FY2012 Agricultural Appropriations bill was then moved out of committee, voted on by both chambers, and signed by the President. Those three monsters hid it, buried it in that huge bill, and the Prez made no effort to diffuse it, if he even knew it was there. Call Obama and demand that he issue an executive order ceasing all horse slaughter.

  5. I agree kill the rapist child molesters, murders, that will save billions of dollars. these people committed crimes deserving what they gave to there victims!!! Our horses didn’t commit any crimes, but served us.

  6. Thanks for the additional info Kathryn. Duly Noted. And it has already been said that this was only the second time President Obama signed electronically because he was out of the country. So I doubt he did catch it, but he’ll catch US now.

    Click to access press_release_usda_horsemeat_inspections111611.pdf

    Throw your Twitters to him as well I’ve sent off many thus far.

  7. This is awful. No horse should ever be killed or treated in humanely. However, considering the other options… Shipping horses to Mexico leaves most of them dead, sick, or injured before arrival. The conditions are horrendous. On top of that, they are killed in the worst ways imaginable. We can’t control Mexico, but with enough public support, we can put harsh restrictions on the treatment and conditions of slaughter horses in the US.

    In an ideal world, horses will be given back all their lands to run wild. No cow, pig, sheep, goat, chicken or any other animal would ever be put to death. And the death penalty would be reinstated in every state and all appeals dropped. Call me sick, but I have more regard for animal life than human.

    • enigmaedelweiss

      “We can’t control Mexico, but with enough public support, we can put harsh restrictions on the treatment and conditions of slaughter horses in the US.”

      American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (S. 1176/H.R. 2966)

      Bans slaughter here once and for all and STOPS the exporting of our horses to other countries for slaughter. Contact your legislators ( Links above ) and tell them to VOTE TO BAN this barbaric slaughter.

      No we don’t have no control what goes on in other countries but we can can make sure no horses leave our country in the future to go to slaughter elsewhere.

  8. Thank you! Excellent Rallying Cry!

  9. You’re more than welcome Heather.

  10. Suzanne Moore

    This is a fantastic post! I’ve been fighting this scourge since the 1980s. I was born and raised in Dallas, TX, which is between Kaufman, where Dallas Crown was and Ft. Worth with Beltex. These two plants in Texas were less than 70 miles apart and Dallas was right in the middle between them. I owned horses for 15 years there in the shadow of these hell-holes and you can take it from one who knows – it was HELL. It’s bad enough now, with horse theft and kill buyers who purchase horses fraudulently, but the closer you live to a plant, the worse it is. We were 30 miles from Dallas Crown and only a few miles more from Beltex.

    The horse theft situation alone was horrific. You couldn’t even sell a horse with an assurance because the kill buyers were very good at impersonating legitimate buyers. Auctions were usually rigged so the killers could take the very best of the horses. It’s fantasy to say that slaughter plants are needed to “take care of” the old, abused, sick, lame, starved horses. NO slaughter plant in the world would take such horses and the killers do NOT purchase them either.

    Is it okay if I reblog this on my horse blog, Golden Days? This is too good not to spread around!

  11. You can Ping it Suzanne. My blog allows ping and trackbacks.

  12. Suzanne Moore


  13. House Panel Takes Action Against Slaughter

    By Tom LaMarra, @BH_TLaMarra
    Updated: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 8:05 PM
    Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 2:38 PM

    The U.S. House Appropriations Committee June 19 approved language in an agriculture bill that would prevent expenditures for the inspection of horse slaughter facilities—and ultimately keep them from operating.

    Last year Congress passed an agriculture appropriations bill that didn’t include the ban on inspection expenditures. The language had been included in the legislation for at least five years.

    Democratic Rep. James Moran of Virginia pushed for the language to be included in the agriculture bill. The amendment passed 24-21 but multiple approvals are necessary as the legislative process continues.

    The move was hailed by various anti-slaughter groups, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

    Last November President Obama signed into law a broader bill that reversed the ban on the slaughter inspection funding. According to published reports at the time, the action could end the “ban” on horse slaughter brought about by the lack of funding.

    In recent years the three remaining slaughter plants shut their doors. Federal legislation actually banning the process of horse slaughter has failed to pass Congress.

    The 2011 legislation was tied to a federal General Accountability Office report from earlier in the year. The report concluded, among other things, that the ban on horse slaughter has led to increased case of horse abuse.

    The American Horse Council June 20 reported the agriculture appropriations bill included other equine-related provisions, including funds for equine health programs and enforcement of the Horse Protection Act.


    To anybody reading this: KEEP CONTACTING YOUR LEGISLATORS.

  14. Michelle Lyng Sublett

    I’m starting a crowdfunding to raise money to build a rescue and recovery center for kill pen horses. Would it be okay to use one of your pictures please?
    Kindest regards,
    Michelle From France

    • As stated in Copyright in upper right hand corner.

      Excerpts and links (along with all pictures gained from this blog that search engines have linked to blog) may be used, **provided that full and clear credit is given to Longshot and Longshot’s Blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content**.

      So yes Michelle as long as this is done. Feel free to use picture. Good luck with your project. Anything to save these horses.

      God Bless.

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