Friday At The Fillmore ~ Mendelbaum ~ Every Day & Every Night

Sadly this hot Wisconsin band when they were known as “The Mendelbaum Blues Band” for whatever reason would become the lesser known band of “Mendelbaum” in San Francisco.

Certainly not ignored by the likes of masses in San Fran like Bill Graham and the followers of their music but unfortunately record labels were not among them.

They cut a demo album for Warner Brothers in 1970 but it never got released. This session from that Demo along with two live concerts that took place at The Matrix & The Fillmore West in 1969 is what would become a two disc set. Disc 1 – Studio, Disc 2 – Live. Finally released in 2003.

“Every Day & Every Night” was written by Chris Michie as was “Last Saturday Night” the second video I’ve got posted (The Matrix) where you can hear for yourself even more of the ultimate talent Michie was as a guitarist. How in the world this band didn’t take off back in 1969 is beyond me. They disbanded in 1971.

Chris Michie would go on to play with The Pointer Sisters and Van Morrison.

Keith Knudsen would go on to play with Lee Michaels, Johnny Winters and in 1974 joined The Doobie Brothers as a vocalist and drummer until they disbanded in 1982.

But in 1969 they were Live At The Fillmore West.


Chris Michie – guitar, lead vocals
Keith Knudsen – drums, vocals
Tom LaVarda – bass, vocals
George Cash – sax, vocals
J.D. Sharp – organ





Sadly Chris Michie would die two months before this CDs release in 2003.

Keith Knudsen left us in 2005.


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