Friday At The Fillmore ~ The Byrds

Even though this 1969 Fillmore performance only featured just one original member Roger McGuinn. It proved it was enough.

Songs on this Medley of “Turn! Turn! Turn!”, “Mr. Tambourine Man” & “Eight Miles High” from studio albums displayed how much of a talent Roger McGuinn was at this live Fillmore concert without them.

Yes all of the original members were and will always be a what the band’s music was all about. Each providing their own song writing, instrumental & vocal talents to the mix.

But McGuinn’s twelve-string guitar solo on “Eight Miles High” released in 1966 was the early introduction to psychedelic rock. Influenced by jazz saxophonist John Coltrane and Ravi Shankar. The guitar playing masked a mixture Coltrane’s sax riffs from his song “India” and Shanker’s style of playing from his native lands music.

The sound stood out alone.


Clarence White – guitar, backing vocals
John York – bass, backing vocals
Gene Parsons – drums, backing vocals

Joined McGuinn – Lead guitar, vocals for the 69′ Fillmore concert: although impossible to match the harmonies they did more than a fantastic job bringing and resembling the original music made from previous members. The album featured 16 songs some not found on the groups studio albums.

Just a month after this Feb. 7th & 8th 1969 Fillmore West concert an album which had been already recorded by this group of musicians in Oct. 1968 was released, “Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde”.



Turn! Turn! Turn! (Byrds released in 1965) lyrics were straight out of the bible, Book of Ecclesiastes (3:1) though the sequence rearranged. They were put to music by Pete Seeger and he gave the song’s title in 1959.

Mr. Tambourine Man written by Bob Dylan.

Eight Miles High written by Gene Clark, Roger McGuinn and David Crosby.



Original Byrds

Roger McGuinn – guitar, vocals
Gene Clarke – tambourine, guitar, harmonica, vocals
David Crosby – guitar, vocals
Chris Hillman – bass, vocals
Michael Clarke – drums

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