All-American Muslim? Living on Welfare. The Real Reality Show of Dearborn/Detroit.

So a new reality series hit the air waves on Monday on the TLC network about five Arabic families of Dearborn, Mi. and NPR’s Linda Holmes stated “This is reality TV at its best”.

At its best? How about is it HONEST?

First of all I do not care about anybodies religion, worship whom and where you want. This blog is about TRUTH and the Real Reality of the Arabic community that has flocked to America and this metro/Detroit area since 9-11. And what enables them to live and what system they are living off of.

Reality: 90% of the people who have came here since 9-11 seem to be eligible for instantaneous welfare. They can’t even speak English but it would seem the very first American words they learned fast is WELFARE, FOOD STAMP CARD, MEDICAID and any other kind of AID.

This is my problem with these people not their religion.

I have stood behind them in the local supermarkets where I shop. I go to the Garden City Aldi’s on Ford Rd. There has never and I mean never been a single time where I’ve gone there that I don’t see Arabic families not only with one shopping cart full beyond the brim but two and three then out comes the Food Stamp Cards. Some go in groups and all of them have these cards. ALL…and I absolutely have a definite problem with this.

While our troops have fought and died for their democracy from the land in which they’ve come from, they have come into a very comfortable life here in America with what doesn’t seem to be a worry in the world.

I was born in Detroit in 1957, I worked my while life 7 days a week until my job was bulldozed in 1998. I paid for my own health insurance all of those years 76-98 because the job didn’t offer it. I still managed to pay for it until the last part of 1999, then I had to let it go. Soon after I got sick and then one atop of another a medical onslaught occurred until sicker and sicker and here I still sit in 2011.

You see because I did work all those years and have something to show for it I’m not eligible from anything from the State of Michigan. Although the savings has dramatically dwindled its either maintain a roof over my head or be sick. Can’t afford all. It’s not much of a choice.

TLC are featuring only five families, Dearborn Deputy Chief Sheriff, an aspiring night club owner ( in the mean time what does she do? ) Newlyweds expecting a baby. Why not feature all in the whole area. The majority are on welfare getting Food Stamp Cards, Medicaid, etc. God knows if they get sick, they can go to the doctor. Bet the one expecting the baby will be supported by the tax payers.

Fact: Upon arriving in America when they buy a house they do not have to pay taxes for 7 years. And somehow those houses magically go into another relatives name when that 7 years is up. And another 7 years of tax free homes goes on and on and on. Ask the Real Estate community. They know the game all too well. And there are certain Arabic brokered offices that seem to manage to sell homes exclusively to other Arabs 90% of the time. Something I feel the local news media here needs to investigate. Like gaining some records and talk about their reverse discrimination practices.


I believe the term is defined by being born here not by coming here and getting and living off our welfare system. Then constantly complaining about this country and using religion as a means to rant.

I don’t care if you worship a bed bug as long as you have a job, pay for your own groceries with the money you actually work for and if like me uninsured stay as sick as me. They have medical clinics set up throughout Dearborn/Dearborn Heights. Arab speaking doctors that treat Arab speaking patients. They seem to have benefits that ALL-AMERICANS do not have.

Another fact having stood behind them in stores: when it comes to paying for the non food items they seem to have a wallet full of money. Well why not, they are aided in Food, Medical, Rent, Utilities, Taxes so why shouldn’t the have more money than most of us All-Americans.

Linda Holmes needs her head examined. This is reality TV at its best. Give me a friggin break. Why didn’t the TLC do their homework?

Or would that have been too much REALITY?

TLC can follow these five families, the rest of us see all the reality we need to see on a daily basis when we shop and see them pay continuously with food stamp cards and we pay for ours with the hard earned money we worked for. And we just stay sick while they are treated for their illnesses through the rest they get off of Michigan’s Welfare system.

Linda Holmes and The Learning Channel can stick this phony farce of a series up their ass. To them All-American means hey it’s free call back to the old country and tell everybody come here and you too can be All-American.

It’s enough to make you puke.

“All-American Muslim” is as Unreal and Fictional as it gets.

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