Thursday Throw Down ~ Let The Good Times Roll ~ Bobby Bland & BB King

When this album came out in 1976 this was just one song I couldn’t get enough of. I mean I would play it over and over and over again. Whether I was feeling bad, in a party mood or just needed a pick me up. To me this piece of muse was like a natural high better than any drug or drink could ever get you and blew the concept right out of the water that the blues had to be depressing.

Blues is a genre that has a range from where it originated born right out of the deepest of pain from the heart and soul but in the same respect could express great joy from those same places for when that pain eased up a bit……and it was time to let it all go.

Thus “Let The Good Times Roll”.

BB King is in a league of his own that no one on this earth past, present or future that anybody will ever be able to touch.

His talent on so many of his own composed songs at times seemed to be able to touch a part of other people’s souls that no one else could zone in on. And that is a rarity.

Bobby Blue Bland in his own right has had a lengthy career that started in 1951. In 57′ he scored #1 on the R&B charts and #43 on the Pop with “Farther Up the Road”. He had a magnitude of singles that charted “I Pity The Fool” (1 r&b/pop 46) & “Turn On Your Love Light” (2/28) both in 1961 among them.

So when they got together for this particular concert we got the best explosion of the song that blues ever put out. It was recorded at the Coconut Grove in Los Angeles, Ca.

You have to love the blues to understand them, both in sadness and joy. This one was pure, raw, talented, let loose fun.

Bobby Bland and B. B. King Together Again Live

“Let The Good Times Roll”

Written by Sam Theard & Fleecie Moore (Louis Jordan’s wife)in 1942.

Originally recorded by Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five in 1946. And was awesome in itself.

Vocals: Bobby Bland, B. B. King
Guitars: B. B. King, Milton Hopkins, Johnny Jones, Ray Parker
Bass Guitars: Rudy Aikels, Louis Villery
Drums: John “Jabo” Starks, Harold Potier
Organ: James Toney
Piano: Robert Anderson
Tenor Saxophone: Red Holloway
Baritone Saxophone: Jerome Richardson
Trumpets: Oscar Brashear, Albert Aarons, Snooky Young
Trombones: Garnett Brown, Benny Powell

Back stage after the show – Coconut Grove.

Doesn’t get any Classier!

Extra Taste

Let It Roll, Let It Roll, Let It Roll……………All Night Long!

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