Autumn in New York or Not. Hello Halloween Northeaster!

A woman walks down a snow-covered street during an early snow storm in New York October 29, 2011. A rare October snowstorm barreled up the heavily populated U.S. East Coast on Saturday, threatening up to a foot (30 cm) of snow, cutting power to nearly a million households and forcing at least 1,000 flight cancellations.
Photograph by: Lucas Jackson, Reuters

Rare October snowstorm strikes U.S. East Coast

Whiteout: A jogger makes his way through Central Park as snow falls in New York City for only the fourth time in November since the Civil War

~ Glad it’s not here in Detroit. Snow stay away! ~

“Autumn In New York”

Muse & Lyrics Composed by Vernon Duke in 1934
Recorded by Billy Holliday in 1945


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