Motown Monday ~ The Frost ~ Donnie’s Blues

Written by Donny Hartman

From debut 1969 Album “Frost Music” Recorded live at Detroit’s Grande Ballroom

Donny Hartman – lead, rhythm guitar, harp, vocals
Dick Wagner – lead guitar, vocals
Gordy Garris – bass, vocals
Bob Rigg – drums, vocals

This band should have been up there with the likes of Bob Seger, Grand Funk Railroad, Alice Cooper, MC5, The Amboy Dukes and other well-known Detroit Bands of that time period.

They recorded three albums for Vanguard Records – Frost Music, Rock and Roll Music, and Through the Eyes of Love. The piss poor distribution and promotion by this label cost them the national spotlight others went on to enjoy.

They had the vocals, fabulous guitar work and all four members were in sync musically.

In 2008, Frost was inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame.


And man did we wear this one out.


Donny Hartman Website

Dick Wagner Website

Gordy Garris Website



YT removed most of the individual video’s. This is entire album. Donnie’s Blues @18:21.






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3 responses to “Motown Monday ~ The Frost ~ Donnie’s Blues

  1. Wagner then began throttling his guitar into high gear, bringing on an oscillating reverberation that sounded like a barrage emanating from more than a thousand guitars. It only got heavier when the rest of the band joined in, bringing the juxtaposed combination into super-high overdrive. The Frost, as everyone knew, were riding strong, especially with the recent release of their latest album, recorded live at the Grande Ballroom. They were hot, and let loose this energy for us tonight.

    Their incredible onslaught didn’t let up for even a moment. “Ba-baa, ba-baa…” BLAM-BLAM! BLAM-BLAM! Wagner hit the strings to “Mystery Man” and the entire crowd ascended en mass to a new high, with a deafening cheer heard for miles ’round. His guitar then fired its artillery with the intensity of an automatic, notes exploding in the air like bullet casings. Every round had the audience in a state of high-pitched fervor. As he sang, his axe sliced fluorescent trails through the air.“Once upon a time a magic carpet ride came and brought me close to you.” Kids were careening about, jumping and shouting so much that the very floors began to vibrate with the rumblings of an earthly tremor. “Places I could take you to….” And with those words, my thoughts flew to wondrous worlds that were light years away.
    ~Michele Saint Thomas – Aquinas Music Festival 1970

  2. Wow. I’m stunned the old man never turned me on to these guys. Surely he must’ve known. I’m going to find out, that’s for sure. Great post!

  3. Well gladly you finally did get turned on. They were a great group that produced some damn good muse. Don’t get too mad at your dad. If he smoked enough of those 4 and a half 5 finger lids memory for some got lost. LOL

    I just happen to remember more than most.

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