Friday At The Fillmore ~ Sly and the Family Stone- Fillmore East, NY 10/5/68 (late show)

Ah the Internet issues resolved so better late than never.

Besides it’s a Late Show!

Classic early Sly and the Family Stone and you get the whole album to party the rest of this Friday night away.

Sly Stone – keyboards, guitar, harmonica, lead vocals
Freddie Stone – guitar, vocals
Rose Stone – keyboards, vocals
Larry Graham – bass, vocals
Gregg Errico – drums
Cynthia Robinson – trumpet, vocals, percussion
Jerry Martini – saxophone, percussion

All songs Written by Sylvester Stewart.

1. M’Lady
2. Life
3. Are You Ready?
4. It Won’t Be Long
5. Color Me True
6. Dance to the Music
7. Love City
8. Turn Me Loose
9. Outro

This Fillmore performance took place after the bands second albums release ” Life” and prior to “Everyday People” single release.

I will never forget me and a group of friends dancing in a basement when “Dance To The Music” came out, a lot of good memories from that time. They said Sly was terrified of performing live but you could have fooled me. There was some mighty performances played out at Woodstock a year after this concert but that particular performance of “Higher” by this band was one of the HIGHEST points.

So on this fillmore album you get to taste some very early Sly and the Family Stone. So Enjoy and Vision just a fraction of music from 1968. When it was Rock, Soul, Funk & Fun.



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