Thank You Detroit Tigers For A Great Ride!!!

Some will want to give their great analogies of who did what, who didn’t do what and what they all should have done individually. To me they Win as a team and they Lose as a team. No rights, no wrongs.

The team is managed by a great in Jim Leyland and the Tigers have the players who know how to play. Every team pays pitchers to pitch and players to hit and field. The game was created with stats RBIs, Hits, & Errors. When all are doing it without any mistakes and the team wins a game we celebrate, a series in the playoffs we celebrate even more.

This year the Detroit Tigers beat the New York Yankees in their own house to gain them ALDS Champs and off to the ACLS to play for the Pennant. There are wins and there are defeats but there are no losers. The Tigers gave it a ride and we enjoyed every single second of it.

For the team itself above all of us wanted it even more. They played the games fighting as we watched as intense. But somebody comes out the victor and that’s they way it is. You have to remember we are playing the same teams and fans wants. All are ready to explode with celebration and only one of us gets to do it. As bad as we wanted it as the song goes sometimes you don’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need.

The Tigers didn’t disappoint me nor do I feel that anybody else should feel they did. At the very start of the year all know what their playing and striding for at the end of the season and every team is doing the exact same thing. We won the Central Division Title and earned the right to go to the playoffs. Then we took out the Yankees to get to the Pennant and we just came up short. Nobodies fault. Decisions are part of the game and what ever takes place on that field during every game is played by 9 players with interchangeable positions.

Yankees didn’t lose, we BEAT THEM. And the same has taking place with Texas. On any given day every team wishes for an explosive inning and tonight Texas’s wish came through and that is just the way it goes. To me our team even though defeated and the season now concluded, they are all WINNERS.

Each and every one.

So Thank You Detroit Tigers for a great 2011 season, we hoped it would go to the world series then on to win it all but there’s always 2012 and your fans be there to root you on all over again and that’s the way it should be.


















2012 Tigers Schedule


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2 responses to “Thank You Detroit Tigers For A Great Ride!!!

  1. Thank You for a wonderful ride. I am NOT a Tiger fan, but certainly an American League fan. Thank you most of all of keeping the YANKEES out of it. I had picked you to go all the way.

  2. So did we John. LOL
    Hopefully in 2012.

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