Sweeeeeeeeeeet Baby! Detroit Tigers Finish Off New York Yankees…On Their Way To The ALCS!

Tigers 3, Yankees 2

(3-2)   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9         R  H  E

DET    2  0  0 0  1  0  0 0 0          3  8   0

NYY   0  0  0  0  1  0  1  0 0          2  10 0

W:Fister (1-1)  L:Nova (1-1)  SV:Valverde (2)

First Inning 1st Homerun Don Kelly

2nd HR Delmon Young

Even though Detroit got into two innings that the Yankees loaded the bases, the Tigers shut them down. The biased TBS annoucers spent all night rooting and babbling about well New York, New York, New York may have another chance, another chance, another chance…  In the end Detroit shut them up for good.

The Detroit Tigers beat your precious Yankees, live with it.

After the game FSN Detroit interviewed Manager Jim Leyland in his office and he expressed his joy but kept apologizing to the Detroit fans over and over again for not getting it done in Detroit. You’ve got to be kidding Skipper, WHO CARES!

You just managed us right into the ACLS with the win tonight. We Thank You and Love you RIGHT BACK! No apologies necessary what so ever. And here in Detroit and the entire Metro area and as far as that goes the entire STATE, we did celebrate along with you and are ENJOYING EVERY LAST SECOND OF IT.

Never Apologize to us ever again. The Detroit Tigers just beat the New York Yankees in their house and the fans statement back to you is:

“Baby It Was Sweet!”

Congratulations to Jim Leyland and the Tigers!

And now lets Tromp Texas.

“Heavy Music”

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band- 1976 Live Bullet

Cobo Arena – Detroit, Mi.

( And the very ending of this song is dedicated to the New York Yankees ) LOL

They Know Our Name!

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