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We do not have Rock-n-Roll singers anymore. We do not have Rock-n-Roll guitarists anymore. We do not have Rock-n-Roll performances anymore. And there will never be concerts like there once was anymore…… unless these same identical artists take the stage again and play them.

So you can keep watching your American Idol Nots and what ever else the television network idiots decide to create for you to waste your time searching for but never finding.

Because for Real Music, Singers, Players and Performers they didn’t need votes. They were too damn busy composing relics that we’ll always remember and they just kept JAMMING THEM OUT.

Because for our Generation we were the “Child In Time”.



Made in Japan
Recorded August 15–17, 1972
Released December, 1972 (UK)
April, 1973 (US)

Ritchie Blackmore – lead guitar
Ian Gillan – vocals, harmonica, percussion
Roger Glover – bass guitar
Jon Lord – organ, keyboards, electric piano
Ian Paice – drums, percussion


Inspired by a riff featured in a song by the Psychedelic band “It’s a Beautiful Day”, Child In Time was Written by Ian Gillan – Lyrics & Jon Lord – Music.


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