Sunday Slow Down ~ Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile) ~ Santana

Written by Carlos Santana & Tom Coster.
Originally Released off the 1976 album “Amigos”.

Live Version Playing from 1977 album ” Moonflower “.

Carlos Santana: Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Pablo Tellez: Bass
Tom Coster: Keyboards
José “Chepito” Areas: Percussion
Graham Lear: Drums


This is one pretty song.

Once upon a time C. Santana composed a song titled “The Mushroom Lady’s Coming to Town” after seeing a friend having a really bad trip from mescaline. The first lick of the song would eventually become Europa with the help of Tom Coster years later.

As beautiful as the song turned out it’s hard to imagine the origins of it. But then that’s the magic of the composer.

Though he certainly named it right from the experience.

“Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile”

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