Saturday Satellite Slam ~ 2,000 Light Years from Home ~ The Rolling Stones

1991 NASA file photo shows the

Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) in the grasp of the RMS (Remote Manipulator System) during deployment. The decommissioned NASA satellite, the biggest piece of US space junk to fall in 30 years, has crash-landed, but the precise location is not yet known, the US space agency said…

As of this blog writing the news is:

The 20-year-old 12,500-pound satellite, which took an unpredictable course as it tumbled through the upper atmosphere, fell to Earth sometime between 11:23 p.m EDT on Friday and 1:09 a.m. EDT on Saturday (0323 to 0509 GMT on Saturday), NASA said. There were reports on Twitter of debris falling over Okotoks, a town south of Calgary in western Canada, most likely satellite remains.


Of course like any relatively normal human being I went to the NASA Website and there was NOTHING!

I find that extraordinarily strange.

If this thing can crash and they don’t know where it crashed how is it that are defense system will detect a nuclear missile having been launched at us from God knows where?

A little frightening if you ask me.

They tracked it then issued a statement;

“It’s dancing all over the place. It looks like the trend is to go longer than we think,” said Bill Ailor, an engineer with the Aerospace Corp., who has been monitoring the satellite.

Soooooo Bill if a missile was coming at us launched from somewhere on or off earth please tell me you would know more than what you did on this dancing satellite.

The Hubble Space Telescope can see the numbers on our license plates from a gazillion miles away with visual clarity in space but a bus comes a crashing at us and we don’t know where it hit. Hum?

Couldn’t this same Telescope tell us where?

Again very strange.

So at this moment we know it got here but just don’t know where it hit.

Sweet Dreams…………….


You’ll never know what hit you……


2,000 Light Years from Home

Lyrics written by Mick Jagger
Muse by The Stones Band. ( Instrumental backing was “Toffee Apple” )
Released on Dec. 8, 1967 from “Their Satanic Majesties Request” album.

Mick Jagger – lead Vocals
Brian Jones – mellotron and sound effects
Keith Richards – guitar
Bill Wyman – bass
Charlie Watts – drums
Nicky Hopkins – piano



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