Motown Monday ~ The Andantes ~ Like A Nightmare

Louvain Demps, Jackie Hicks and Marlene Barrow didn’t need Ann Bogan to sing lead on the only two singles Berry Gordy ever let this group record as a group.

They had more than enough talent to be one of the biggest acts to come out of “Motown” and Gordy knew it. So he again like he did with so many other artists literally held them back and put them in the back row with The Funk Brothers.

God knows they had over 20,000 recordings with the Major acts Gordy did put in the spotlight. The Andantes were used as back up vocalists on so many of the Motown Hits because of their vocal abilities. They could have stood alone and been bigger than The Supremes. But then again we are talking about a man who threw Flo Ballard not only under the rug but pushed her out in front of a speeding bus.

In reality on “The Marvelettes” song “The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game” was done with only Wanda Young-Rogers in the lead but none of the other members of The Marvelettes, it was The Andantes in the background vocals.

Thus Louvain Demps, Jackie Hicks and Marlene Barrow even though they can be heard on thousands and thousands of people’s favorite Motown Hits were not allowed the stardom they truly deserved. Another Standing in the Shadows of Motown story.

“Like a Nightmare” and the B side, “If You Were Mine” were never even released by Gordy.

But just remember when you are listening to the artists ON THIS LINK, you will see that it is these voices along with The Funk Brothers that made the records complete.

Like a Nightmare & If You Were Mine Written by Holland–Dozier–Holland.
Recorded in 1964.




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