Tuesday Temptation ~ Tom Jones ~ “Without Love (There is Nothing)”

Man I’ve got to do a complete blog on this sexy man as in all of his songs.

I remember I still was very young when Tom Jones hit the scene and got HOT. And I’m mean Hot! As in sizzling….

I watched his show every week “This Is Tom Jones” in the late 60s early 70s. It was exported to the United States by ITC Entertainment ( British Co. ) and shown on ABC.

Women would go absolutely berserk over this man, throwing everything at him but the kitchen sink. Hotel Keys, underwear… Hell I didn’t ever know how he got a song in from all these people grabbing at him and attempting to make out with him with him still on the stage and them trying to get onto the stage with him.

But you could tell he loved every single moment of it and why not. He knew he had the stuff and displayed it one thousand percent.

He had the voice, the looks, the sex appeal and most of all he was in his prime and the times. The 1960s free for all love in and he had plenty of takers.

The song that drove me nuts after I got a little older is ” I’ll Never Fall In Love Again “… Ugh.

When he got to the part where he sounded like he was groaning…Fall in love…I’m never going to fall in love…I’m mean it never going to fall in love again… with his voice getting deeper and deeper.


He had me and I wished I would have had him. One sexy dude.

Need I say more.



And I’ll tell you in 2011 he still ain’t too bad. Tom Jones has never lost a note on those vocal chords of his. He can still out sing anybody young on the stage today. And he knows it.

Talk about charisma… and beyond.

“Without Love (There is Nothing)”

Written by Danny Small.
Released in 1969 from the album “Tom”.

“I’ll Never Fall in Love Again”

Written by Lonnie Donegan & Jimmy Currie.
Originally Released in 1967 ( 13 Smash Hits ) & Re-released in 1969 with even greater success as a single.
And you just may see this highlighted in another song of the day blog.

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