Motown Monday & Some Reflections from the 10Th Anniversary of 9-11


All of these people, all of the faces and all of the names lost were somebody’s everything.

As Sunday approached I felt I was being bombarded with memories I didn’t care to relive and felt as if the media somehow was shoving it all down our throats every which way we turned. I kept saying how much is too much?

Then I found myself watching as I usually do the world nightly news and Nightline. At the end of both Friday telecasts the stories of the children, some who were born on 9-11 and those who might have been already born at different ages now ten years older. I listened to their stories, I watched their faces and at the end they put together a collage of pictures of these kids and their Mom’s and Dad’s who perished on that horrifically sad somber day. And seeing such resemblances of their lost one I cried even more than I was already doing during the stories.

Sunday night they had a special 20/20 that had much of the same reflected in the ends of other newscasts they had condensed. To see these young kids each and every one of them, a flash of them then to their Mom or Dad and see them in their kids so clearly it was heart wrenching. And in reality their stories had to be told, they had to literally put a face to every human being lost. What that parent was about, who they were, what they did and what became of their children 10 years later. And most importantly what the kids thought deep down some whom never knew their lost loved one.

I taped a lot within one day, C-Span because I wanted to hear each and every single name who was lost being announced by those who lost somebody. Reading several names before reading their final one of their loved one. For this day the 10th Anniversary in my mind was of more importance in stature.

The stations that literally played the whole day out as it happened 10 years ago I couldn’t see the point. Certainly they must have realized those old enough who witnessed this in 2001 what would anybody in their right mind want to relive it again. And to the children of those lost on that day did the news networks feel they should see that horror for the first time? To me it could serve no purpose what so ever.

The goal of the terrorists who managed to accomplish the damage they afflicted upon us on 9-11-01 bringing not only terror but vivid pictures of death did exactly that. But if we allow a yearly display of it over and over and over again, we in-fact terrorize our own-selves needlessly.

No one alive on that dreadful day will ever forget what we saw, watched and experienced and certainly those that were directly affected by it whether through the loss of a loved one or those that witnessed it first hand by being there.

And nobody should ever say we should.

All I could think of when it happened that day was and please don’t misunderstand these words. I’m glad my dad had died not to have seen this. For he died on June 21, 2001 three weeks from his 77th birthday that year. And after having fought in WWII -Navy aboard a battle wagon USS TENNESSEE I believe it would have killed him as sick as he was to see this country attacked again. If he had to die I’m glad it was before the 9-11 event.

Now my Dad used to watch movies about WWII and in some movies they literally had the real ships that many served on. And he watched documentaries to catch a glimpse of the Tennessee but what he wouldn’t have wanted was a yearly month-long relived memento of the start of WWII. It would have depressed him to keep seeing images or video of Pearl Harbor getting attacked.

At some point we must say to ourselves, if we continue to do this every single year as if it’s a must to show how devastating this attack was to us. Then in my opinion we will have given the terrorists exactly what they wanted to begin with. Not only the horror of that miserable day, but the continuance of reliving that terror over and over again.

The 10TH Anniversary is over with. So let it finally be over with. The day was significantly important with the visual memorials finally open for viewing. But I just cannot see us doing this year after year after year. News stations showing entire 24 hour video of the day 9-11 happened. Yes we must all mourn, yes we must never forget, but at some point we must put this day in perspective and the living must go on.

Otherwise it doesn’t matter how many terrorists America kills for the terrorists will have won anyway. Every 9-11 we tell them how much they got the best of us. We have to ask ourselves would those who were lost on that day really want this? For all to stop living and mourn each and every moment of the day. I rather think not.

It was said best within one of the stories about these kids who look, act, walk, talk like the parent they lost.

If you want to see your loved one “close your eyes and look inside your heart” because that’s where they’ll always be. Dads, Moms, Sons, Daughters, Grand-kids, any relative and N.Y. finest: Firemen, Police Officers, EMTs, Chaplin’s, Port Authority…every single person lost.

And the video not playing ( click onto ) is in acapella that’s how I wanted it posted and the words have more of a meaning of a loved one has left you as in on purpose ( remember I’m also highlighting Motown Monday). That’s not what the point of the song is.

On 9-11 but you’re suppose to remember and never forget your loved one and I realize it’s easier said than done but try to keep your focus on the good times and love you received and gave to the one who was lost and reflect only on that. But as far as what happened that took them away from you. Don’t give in to what the terrorists wanted.

Honor but Don’t Look Back.


Click Onto when other song is finished.


Life is for the living.

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 11: FDNY firefighter Kevin O’Connor plays bagpipes as firefighters look on at O’Connells Pub after a memorial service for firefighters killed on the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on lower Manhattan at the Firemen’s Monument at Riverside Park on September 11, 2011 in New York City. Firefighters from around the world have converged on New York to take part in the anniversary services. New York City and the nation are commemorating the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks which resulted in the deaths of nearly 3,000 people after two hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia and one crash landed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)


The Temptations

“Your My Everything”

Written by Norman Whitfield, Cornelius Grant & Roger Penzabene.
Released in 1967

Lead vocals by Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin (bridge and outro)
Background vocals by David Ruffin, Melvin Franklin, Paul Williams, and Otis Williams
The Funk Brothers

Opening Guitar by Cornelius Grant

” Don’t Look Back “

Written by Smokey Robinson & Ronald White
Released in 1965

Paul Williams – Lead vocals
Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, David Ruffin, and Otis Williams
The Funk Brothers


9/11 Victim’s Son Has Stopped Crying, But Will Never Forget




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