Let’s Roll… Flight 93 Ten Years Later

Let’s Roll should be epitomized by the brave individuals who stormed the cockpit first most to prevent the terrorists goal of striking the White House, secondly to save their own lives.

Bush used this phrase as a preempt to declare war on Iraq who had nothing what so ever to do with 9-11. Bush desecrated the words ” Let’s Roll” that was meant to save lives to declare a war where more of our Americans would die than 9-11 in the form of our troops and that is beyond sad and tragic.

I would have agreed with Bush had he gone straight to a venue to get the right man responsible but he didn’t.

So let us not forget what ” Let’s Roll ” was truly about and to continue to honor and remember those who died on Flight 93.

They did what they did to prevent more bloodshed if it meant shedding their own. And this is what defines a HERO.

Not somebody that takes another ones words to create bloodshed where it didn’t need to be.

So to the Real Hero’s.



We hear them. They are inside of our hearts.

Some say this memorial wasn’t worth the money spent.

Tell that to these family members.

I beg to differ.

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