James Hoffa Spoke and Right Wing Website RIGHT FACE! is spinning.


My God all the GOP, Conservative, Right Wing, Fox News, Tea Party babies are wailing. FOUL, FOUL, FOUL.

And the Web Site RightFace.us that posted this Video on You Tube used a shortened ( ABC News ) version on their own site.


Now I placed a comment on that site and received an email from an individual named DOUG, after the site said they had to approve my account before I could comment.

From: Doug ( whole email address name omitted for his privacy )@gmail.com”

Subject: Re: Verify Your Email on Right Face!


Date: Tuesday, September 6, 2011, 12:48 AM


Hello Linda,

That step is there to prevent spam from automated systems that try to create accounts for less than ethical reasons.

I am not sure why you think that is a joke. Can’t wait to hear “the real truth” from you. 🙂

Thanks for joining and we look forward to hearing your views at Right Face!

Do They? LOL

That’s why they deleted my comment and banned me from the site after I posted and replied to two other individuals there. They Said I attacked them.

You can not attack other members like you did. That is why your comment was removed.

Linda your point is taken on showing the whole speech but that is not our video that video was edited by the media not us. If you have a link to the whole speech send it to me and I will put it up for people.

Can I please ask you a question? Why do you want to be on a conservative website? The purpose of this site is not to debate liberal verses conservatives. It states that right in the FAQ.

Thank you.

Oh the lies. The video I placed in this blog was placed on You Tube by THEM as you can see for yourself. RightFace.us

But on their own site they use an ABC News shortened video for their own convenience because they don’t want the whole speech viewed as is. But hear it is on You Tube placed there by them with there website address.

Well it may disappear as fast as my comment on the title of their posting.

My answers ( in Blue ) to DOUG on him asking me why do I want to be on a conservative Web Site?

I attacked no one. Why do you want to be on a conservative website?

What is the matter Doug, afraid of TRUTH. You want to spew your garbage and only want to allow others like you to comment on what you want to hear. And who said I was LIBERAL? You don’t know me yet but you will.

From: Right Face!
Date: Tuesday, September 6, 2011, 1:56 AM

Hi Linda,

You did attack them by personally calling them out. That is not allowed and it should not be.

Everyone is different in their views. You know that. Your truth may not be the truth for someone else so you can’t say what is on the site is garbage because it is the truth to some. You have every right to disagree with it but you don’t have the right to do it in the way you did.

You could have said something like this. “I don’t agree with these comments. I would like to see you watch the whole video as only part of it is shown here.”

BY CALLING THEM OUT. That’s Attacking them? LMAO

OK next response by me.

I could have said? That’s your freedom of speech. I could have said. You don’t tell me anything bud. You post the whole speech on You Tube, yet you use a shortened ABC news version to your own liking. It suits your bull better doesn’t it.

You deleted the comment now you want to debate me vial email. That’s how phony you are.

Now Doug wants a discussion. Well Doug here’s the thing you deleted my comment to your posted subject matter

Labor Union Leader Calls for War On GOP/Tea Party at Obama Rally

then on top of all this, one of the people whom I replied to was allowed to comment back via my deleted comment. Of course I can’t comment back I WAS BANNED.

Re: Verify Your Email on Right Face!Tuesday, September 6, 2011 2:08 AM
From: “Right Face!”

Doug: Hi Linda,

I am discussing this with you…or trying to. I am not trying to debate you. I am trying to have a discussion with you. Why is that a bad thing?


Now you want to know what I commented on this Right Two Faced!

Blog that was already being written will tell it when I came across this Right Wing site from the video they themselves placed, they just decided to use an ABC news one for their own WeBSite. Talk about being schizophrenic.

 No wonder all got upset. But they better re-check the word LIBERAL.

Other views I’ve posted on my Blog Site.


Nobody wanted to be on a conservative website but they as sure proved how unbalanced their thoughts are by deleting a very truthful comment. But didn’t want it seen.

Like I said the video they’ve posted on You Tube may disappear fast as Doug couldn’t explain why he didn’t use the one he placed there but instead used the shortened ABC news one for his rant, Labor Union Leader Calls for War On GOP/Tea Party at Obama Rally.

I commented on the video as well, but they may disappear too!

But here was my response ( basically what was said as a comment to Right Face Web Site ):

James Hoffa ‘Let’s Take These Son of a Bitches Out Video’ RightFace.us
Added: 12 hours ago
From: rightface1
Uploaded by rightface1 on Sep 5, 2011

http://www.RightFace.us At President Obama’s Labor Day Rally James Hoffa, son of Jimmy Hoffa and current President of the Teamsters Union says ‘They have a War!’ ‘Our Army is Ready to March For You’. ‘Let’s Take These Son of a Bitches Out!’

News & Politics

They asked people to comment without using swear words and I had to laugh considering the title. But now they have even removed that part. Light Bulb must have went off! LOL

1st Comment:

Title of Video

James Hoffa ‘Let’s Take These Son of a Bitches Out Video’ RightFace.us

Please make your comments without swear words as children can read these posts. Comments using swear words will be removed. Thanks.


Longshotsblues 2 hours ago

2nd Comment:

Let’s see a brain dead imbecile from Alaska put a map on her Web Page with cross hairs that targeted congressional districts for the Tea Party campaign in the last election. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords own opponent and Tea Party candidate Jesse Kelly had an event at which voters could shoot an assault rifle with the candidate, promoted as: Get on Target for Victory in November Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly.

But now Crying over HOFFA SPEECH?

3rd Comment:


The Web Site that has posted this video BANNED MY ORIGINAL COMMENT from their site.

You are the stupid one. They only want THEIR crap spoken. Others that don’t share they’re views are deleted and banned. TYPICAL TEA PARTY REPUBLICANS.

Longshotsblues 1 hour ago 2

Poor Doug and Right Face!. You can’t twist the truth no matter how hard you try.


‘Detroit Free Press/
Transcript: Teamsters Jim Hoffa’s speech on Labor Day

“Are there any Teamsters in the house? This is Motown, but today, this is union town. We are union, we are workers. That is the message that we send today, and that is the message that we send to America.

There is a war on workers. You see it everywhere: It is in the unemployment, it is in the Tea Party, it is in the people that fight what we believe in. And we see the war in Wisconsin where they try to take collective bargaining from our public employees. We took two senate seats back, we are taking Wisconsin back.

That’s number one. Number two, in Ohio, we are fighting a battle there with regard to taking away collective bargaining. We will beat SB5. We’ve got a million signatures. We are going to win in Ohio — that is our number two. And in Michigan, they are thinking about right to work. It ain’t going to happen in Michigan. No way.

We have to keep an eye on the battle we face — a war on workers. And you see it everywhere there is the Tea Party. And you know there is only one way to beat and win that war.

The one thing about working people is we like a good fight. And you know what, they’ve got a war, they’ve got a war with us and there is only going to be one winner. It is going to be the workers of Michigan and America – we are going to win that war. All the way.

But it starts with your involvement, it starts with next November. We’ve got a bunch of people there that don’t’ want the president to succeed, and they are called the Tea Party – the people who don’t want him to do anything right and he is working hard for us.

President Obama is frustrated by what’s going on. Well, guess what, we’ve got the vote. And the answer to what we say is, we remember in November. We will beat the Tea Party and give this country back to workers and America. We can do it together.”

We’ve also got to talk about jobs. I get so tired about people who …(inaudible) these big corporations that send our jobs to Mexico, they send our jobs to China, and they’ve got the audacity to say ‘where are the jobs?’

Well I’ve got news for you. It’s time to bring those jobs back to America and bring America back to work. That’s what we’ve got to do.

We are going to hear from President Obama in a few minutes, and I am so glad that he has come to Michigan because this is where he sees the real America. He looks out on this army of people and you know what I say? President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. President Obama, we want one thing: Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs…(The crowd joins the chant.)

That’s what we are going to tell America…..When he sees what we are doing here, he will be inspired, but he needs help. And you know what? Everybody here has got a vote. If we go back, we keep the eye on the prize, lets take these sons-of-bitches out and give America back to America where we belong.”


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One response to “James Hoffa Spoke and Right Wing Website RIGHT FACE! is spinning.

  1. LMAO

    And today Doug removed the reply off


    from the gentleman blasting me ( mind you my comment had been removed within minutes ) so nobody could see this hypocrite in action. Sort of covering his tracks.

    Doug also FLAGGED one of my comments off the Video so nobody would view it. All it was, was repeating his idiocy about Please comment without swear words yet the title of the video? LOL

    What’s the matter Right Face ! Taking America Back? Don’t want anybody seeing your hypocrisy? Believe me they know it already. You said it all in your emails to me.


    I write bullshit and only want dummies that don’t know it’s bullshit so they can agree with me. LOL

    Hey Doug your like communist CHINA. CENSORSHIP

    And you write on Taking America Back. To where? The G.W. Bush years. You are sick and those that think like you. That’s why you delete peoples comments and censor who can see what on your right wing LOON site. Good F’N Luck.

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