Is Detroit Waiving Parking Tickets For The 2011 Detroit Jazz Festival?

I certainly hope so.

It would be a shame to punish the very people Detroit wants to come to the city to spend their money and enjoy one of the best jazz festivals in the country only to find a greeting from the Municipal Parking Dept. afterwards. I thought extending the time for giving out parking tickets until 10:00PM Tues. through Sat. was a mistake to begin with. The city in essence is chasing away people from coming to any venue downtown or elsewhere with Detroit. And it would be more of a tragedy for the Jazz Festival because it is supported by donations. This 4 day event is the highlight of Detroit and puts a much-needed good spotlight shining on the city that is very much deserved after all the bad press Detroit gets.

People want to enjoy themselves and Detroit wants people to have a good experience at this yearly festival. But people aren’t going to enjoy looking at their watches every hour on the hour or go running to where their car may be parked at on the streets surrounding the festival. This was a very unproductive move by Mayor Dave Bing. Believe me Detroit does not want to lose a dime of revenue this way. They are not gaining anything, they’ll lose in the end when people just stop coming to Detroit altogether. And I guarantee if these Jazz Festival goers find parking tickets on their cars you don’t have to worry about them coming back next year.

This has always been a free 4 day concert that literally isn’t free. The festival depends on support and donations to keep the festival in the future also free. The vendors who supply food, drink, art, and the rest of the merchandise sold at this festival also need the Millions of people who over these four days to continue coming back and spending their cash. And none of these festival goers mind spending it eating and drinking or buying the mostly Detroit logo on most, but finding that parking ticket at the end of what was an enjoyable evening in Detroit will not only leave a very unpleasant taste for those that won’t want to return in the future. I believe it will cause some who donate money for this festival to stop.

And how does this support Detroit?

So Mayor Bing made the decision to ticket those who come to Detroit, but on these four days I would hope the parking tickets can be put on hold. And let all who come to the 2011 Detroit Jazz Festival can totally enjoy the music and experience so they’ll want to return in 2012.

So how about it Dave Bing? A public announcement that festival goers attending will not be punished for coming to Detroit thus the meter maids will not ticket cars Friday and Saturday would be invited news.

I guess we will just have to see. I will be down there as always by the riverfront. Hopefully along that road the Detroit Police will not be ticketing the cars there.

My only disappointment is that on this years schedule for the first time in I can’t count how many years, Gerald Wilson doesn’t appear anywhere. Will definitely miss him.

And hopefully the national media can spotlight this festival the way they broadcast the negativity.

The Detroit Jazz Festival is the best in the World. We already know it here and it’s about time the rest of the people knows it as well. So at least halt the parking tickets temporarily Mayor Bing and let the people come out and enjoy!

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