Friday At The Fillmore ~ The Doors

How no one ever thought of flipping on a recording machine during this legendary March 22 (was a Friday)-23, 1968 performances as they did with other bands is beyond me but nobody did. So not one minute was captured on tape which only leaves us with the pictures from that concert and other live performances done at other venues (at the bottom) of the songs they did do at the Fillmore.

So why have ” Soft Parade ” play which was The Doors title track from their 4th album released in June of 69′?

Because this remix is worthy.

Morrison’s poetic first sense is displayed at the beginning, the poem itself was unnamed (it can be found in “Wilderness: The Lost Writings Of Jim Morrison, Volume 1) but was absolutely astounding sung and seemed to fit in with contrast to the constant changes musically and lyrically throughout this song.

One moment a poem the next a preacher gone mad shouting then into a slowness as if a priest was chanting a real prayer. Then another change into what seemed to be something of a Classic 60s Pop melody like you would hear on a variety show of that time period, then back to The Doors actual roots of their ” The End ” beginnings.

The whole song was like a complete melodic opera within itself from start to finish and you never knew from one part to another what to expect, you only knew when it got to its climax or as Morrison’s states in the song this is the best part, the trip…. it stays there awhile for you to enjoy before its prolonged conclusion.

The song displays what “The Doors” started out as and represented.

Poetic Lyrics blended into musical changes that worked dead on as a bulls-eye.

Jim Morrison – vocals
Ray Manzarek – piano, Gibson G-101 organ, Hammond organ on “The Soft Parade”
Robby Krieger – guitar
John Densmore – drums




The Doors March 1968 Fillmore East


The Doors Headline The New Fillmore East ( Scroll Down Page )





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