KY & Ohio Horse Racing News.. It’s Called Progress Michigan.

KY Downs to Launch Instant Racing Sept. 1

Instant Racing, known as “historical racing” is a pari-mutuel system that allows players to wager on previously run horse races in a video lottery terminal-like format.

Developed in 2000 by Oaklawn Park in association with AmTote and other investors, Instant Racing marked the first effort by racing interests to merge video gaming with horse racing.

The games have generated tens of millions of dollars in purses for Oaklawn over the years.

Kentucky Downs received unanimous approval of its application for an Instant Racing license from the KHRC in July. Kentucky Downs started renovation of the first floor of its clubhouse to create the venue for an Instant Racing gaming center.

Kentucky Downs will start with 200 machines featuring six different games. The gaming center will be open Sunday through Thursday from 10 a.m. until 2 a.m., and Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 a.m., officials said.

Eventually the track could have 500 machines, officials said.

The other seven racetracks in the state have taken a wait-and-see approach to Instant Racing. Though the regulations have been approved by the KHRC and the state Attorney General’s office has issued an opinion Instant Racing is pari-mutuel, an appeals court hasn’t yet ruled on the games.

The action by Kentucky Downs is seen as a bold but necessary step by many in the horse racing industry in the state given the outstanding court ruling.

And I commend Kentucky Downs for having the guts. If nobody will fight then they’ve beaten themselves.

BloodHorse Article in Full

In OHIO News

Nut Case Religious Right wing group trying to stop what has already passed as law there but they are going to lose the argument.

A racing regulator in Ohio said Aug. 21 it will be the middle of October for a decision is made on allowing Penn National Gaming Inc. to transfer the racing licenses of its two tracks to other locations to take advantage of alternative gaming.

PNGI is building two full-scale casinos in Columbus and Toledo. It has said it wants to move Beulah Park near Columbus to the Dayton area and Raceway Park in Toledo to the Youngstown metropolitan area.

Ohio has a new law that authorizes video lottery terminals at the state’s racetracks. PNGI believes if VLTs are installed at the existing two tracks the company will end up competing with itself; the relocation markets it has identified have no casino gambling.

Ohio State Racing Commission chairman Robert Schmitz said the law that gives the OSRC authority to move racetrack licenses will not go into effect until Oct. 17.

“There are certain rules they will have to follow,” Schmitz said of track owners. “We want them to show us what they are planning to build. We don’t want them setting up a tent in an open field with a latrine and calling it a racetrack.”

LOL… They got a Latrine? More then what we got at Pinnacle.

BloodHorse Article in Full


And in Further News in New Jersey:

The Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association of New Jersey has filed an appeal in connection with Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of a decision by the New Jersey Racing Commission to award $15 million in purse supplements to four racetracks.

It also is challenging the action of the NJRC, which denied a TBANJ request for funding for the New Jersey-bred program.


So the progress grows on in other States to help their Horse Racing Industry not only continue but succeed and in doing the States themselves will be benefited with greater revenues.

Michigan’s Governor Jobs, Jobs, Jobs man and Legislators still sit and do nothing while we die.

All I know is the New England & Maryland Horsemen fought in their respective States in early 2011 and won in their endeavors. And it looks like at least one T.B track in KY has taken the reins for their future. And N.J. Horsemen fight on for theirs as well.

Here in Michigan the T.B. Horsemen run like scattered scared children to any venue that will cost them what they don’t have not realizing that once and for all they must stand still and fight just like these other horsemen. They themselves must get up off their brains and take things by the reins as well instead of forever running to take the shit that the State of Michigan and others throw at them.

But it’s strictly their decision.

Some people like shit, why? I have no answers.

It’s not enough to keep posting on a website for others to contact legislators. If these horsemen themselves won’t come together to take a stand then what can they expect from anyone else.

People lead by example.

Get a 1,000+ together and make your presence known in Lansing.

If that’s a problem between the MTOBA & MIHBPA than forever have what you’ve got right now, which is nothing.


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