Motown Monday ~ Mr. Excitement Jackie Wilson ~ Baby Workout!

You don’t need any details of why this Man was called this. The music says it all.

Jackie was one of the most dynamic performers to watch and listen to. If that man couldn’t make you dance you were DEAD!

Ultimate Showmanship is all I can say. Jackie Wilson from the start of his career just had something that the others didn’t and it taught so many other performers that came behind him how to literally be a performer.

You can Thank Jackie for the likes of Elvis, Michael Jackson and many many others in between because Mr. Excitement was their mentor.

He sang with so many groups early on I can’t even begin to tell you, but going solo Wilson soared to even newer heights.

With over 50 hits he alone topped the charts of the late 50s into the 60s. And in reality Jackie Wilson was the beginning for Berry Gordy’s ” Motown ” because it was Gordy at the start of Wilson’s career who was writing some of the songs. But Jackie never signed with the label having left Gordy before Motown was even created because of royalties disputes.

It was the money Gordy had made in royalties off his writing for Wilson with borrowing some money that launched Motown.

” Baby Workout ” was just among the masses of Wilson’s songs but in my opinion was the most rip it up dance number ever created. Wilson shined like the brightest star in the sky and there was a reason for it.

He Was The Star!

R&B, Soul, Pop, Singer, Dancer, Performer, Entertainer… Jackie Wilson did it all.

Born in Detroit, Mi. June 9, 1934, left us on Jan. 21, 1984 but only in body. The spirit of this man will never depart nor will what he left with us.

So get up off the floor and dance some more………Baby, Workout!


You never wanted this song to end!


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