Saturday at Sundown ~ “Feelin’ The Blues ” ~ Ry Cooder

Self Explanatory

Cooder’s guitar says it all without a word spoken.

When you can get an instrument to play what you’re feeling inside and others hear it, you have more than accomplished yourself a true musician.

This was a song that Cooder did for a scene in the 1986 Movie Crossroads. It wreaked and poured out emotion that even the character didn’t even know existed within himself to play out.

Blues of the purest form and Cooder captured the title with perfection. Outside of Elmore James and Duane Allman, Ry Cooder excels on slide guitar making him among the elite of players.

Music that cries what your feeling, exceptional beyond belief.



Ry Cooder has played with everybody from the start of his career in the 1960s yet this man never needed another soul. That’s how much his playing stands out.

He has won 4 Grammys since the late 80s, he should have won one sooner. And in 2003 “Rolling Stone” magazine named him the 8th Greatest Guitarist of All Time on their 100 list. From the number playing that’s no surprise to me.

This man picked up a guitar and defined for those of us in his generation what the generations of past had taught long ago. He brought it straight back up from where it all began, The Delta.


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