15 Shot, 6 Dead Within 24 Hours in Detroit. Journalism at its Finest!

The GREAT reporting by Detroit News sources on both the newspaper and flip side TV.

5W’s and 1H is the Basis of any journalism. At least it used to be. Otherwise the REPORT you are given leaves giant holes to the story your attempting to report on. And if you’re not going to give ALL the details then don’t give us any. Because it is very irritating.

It’s very simple: Who, What, Why, When, Where & How.



15 People shot, 6 Dead.

On WXYZ they gave shoddy detailed information on just 3 victims. A 14-year-old boy who was possibly playing with a gun earlier in the week with his friends that ended up taking his life friday night. Then they said another man who was shot crashed into Firehouse Ladder 19 and another man a half mile down was shot dead.

OK does Tom Wait who did this story think everybody knows where Ladder 19 is? Because I guarantee if they don’t then they sure as hell don’t know where the half of mile down is?

More full of holes reporting from WXYZ and their counter part at the Detroit News is no better with little details.

But then you can go over to Fox Detroit with Ronnie Dahl’s report.

She gave a report on another death on Greendale when shots rang out from a party and said in all 5 others were shot. And another victim elsewhere who was shot then hitting a pole at St. Antoine & Warren attempting to drive himself to the hospital.

But that’s not Ladder 19. That shooting victim crashed into the firehouse and Ladder 19 is almost at my old neighborhood of Harper & Conner’s.

Ladder 19 is on French Rd. south of I-94. Fox 2 also said a 17-year-old girl was shot but didn’t say where?

So that explains 9 shootings and 3 dead. Reports from WXYZ didn’t say if the man who slammed into Ladder 19 died or not.

According to Detroit police there were a total of nine (9) shooting scenes where fifteen (15) people were shot.

So we know 5 were shot at a party with one dead, a 17-year-old that we don’t know where she was shot, a 14-year-old and two men who crashed in two different places, one died.

So that’s 9 shot and 4 dead. What happened to the other 6 people shot with two more ending up dead?

WDIV was even more pathetic, no video and no details at all other than its headline.

Now I went back to the Detroit News story and they said 5 shot at one scene, and 3 shot at another. Where was the scene the 3 were shot at?

OK 8 shot, Fox 2 reported the Greendale party with 5 shot that left one dead.

The two different men with one left dead were shot at different locations. But WHERE?

So maybe the 17-year-old girl was shot at the scene were 3 were shot.

The Detroit Free Press was even shittier but did state at two scenes there were multiple victims with no other details at all other than ” But this kind of violence isn’t new “.

Man Oh Man. People you call this JOURNALISM?
This is SHIT.

Not one news source could give complete details on their own Headline said in slightly different ways.

Deadly Day in Detroit, 15 Shot, 6 Dead in Detroit in 24 hours.

Who was shot? Males, Females, Ages
What happened that they were in the line of fire?
Why were they shot?
When were they shot?
Where were these 15 victims and 4 dead shot?

Hell in this case forget about the how, we already know how they ended up. THEY WERE ALL SHOT.

That’s about the only fucking thing we do know, and I don’t usually post blogs containing this language with the F’ word. But man oh man.

This reminds me of a movie I saw long ago with Clark Gable and Doris Day. ” Teachers Pet ”

Day teaches journalism classes at a college, and Gable is a long time newspaper reporter.

In one scene at the newspaper a new young reporter tries to explain to Gable he has done a think piece and Gable blows him off and tells him to practice writing obituary’s. Until an older staff member starts reading an article about some guy who shot a store clerk and asks Gable, WHY? I keep asking myself WHY would a guy do this?

In the end Gable tells the young reporter to go back and work on the think piece.

What was the REAL story of WHY this guy did this, Then they dig into the WHY. It doesn’t result as an excuse for letting the guy off for committing the crime, but at least it puts a genuine face to both men lives, the shooter and the victim.

Saturday in Detroit we learned that 15 people were all shot within a 24 hour period with 6 ending up dead. And they can’t even tell us the locations of where all these people got shot at, who they were and the details of why?

And that is more than pathetic.

Or maybe Detroit News sources just don’t give a shit enough to give its readers or watchers full details. I mean we used to have just 4 stations when I was coming up and only a half an hour at 6:00PM and 11:00 PM in which to give the news, weather & sports.

Now we have 5:00AM-7:00AM, 12 Noon, 5:00PM to 6:30PM, 7:00pm, 10:00PM and 11:00pm news casts, and we can’t gather details to this Headline within these 6+ Hours of news Daily and Nightly?

Or our two major Detroit Newspapers, the Detroit News & Free Press. Then STOP the newscasts and the Presses because all of you are a bunch of useless people.

Instead they jam in useless reports of whats bad to eat, who has the most highly fat hamburgers and the endless bullshit that goes on forever. But they cannot and will not give you the details to their own friggin Headline stories.

I’m sorry for all Friday’s victims both still living and those who didn’t make it and their families. When I was coming up in the 1960s you learned very quickly how to use your fists. And all of us used them at one time or another.

Today little boys who think they are men don’t have the balls to use their fists to settle argumentative differences, so the guns replace the balls that they are without. And the females are as immature.

But in this city we have immature kids and adults alike and so-called reporters that do anything but give us actual reports with actual details of their reports. So what they are giving you isn’t reports, this is giving you an EMPTY HEADLINE for Flash.

You tune in to hear the story but there isn’t one. All you know is that 15 people were shot with 6 dead. You turn stations to see if one will tell you something the others didn’t and when it’s all said and done you know no more now than you did before you heard the headline in the first place.

Another 15 human beings were shot with 6 of the poor people ending up dying. No more, no less.

What did the Free Press say?

” But this kind of violence isn’t new “? Got news for you ” neither is this shitty kind of reporting”.

To the Detroit Free Press Staff Reporter and The Detroit News – Santiago Esparza, go practice some obituary’s until you’re ready to do a full honest story containing all the details. The same for your TV flip side counter parts.

And God Speed to all the victims and may the dead be in a better place than here in this mad sick twisted world.


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