Mount Pleasant Meadows survives because of the Michigan Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association

Friday Aug.5, 2011 a blogger named Hugh Bernreuter posted a blog on Mount Pleasant Meadows in The Saginaw News with this Headline:

Mount Pleasant Meadows survives in tough horse racing environment

And understand something this blogger only allows comments to be posted with HIS approval.

Yes I commented not once but twice, you will see that only the second one was approved but without the first it made no sense.

I will post his entire blog and then I will post my comment and why I posted it. You didn’t get to view it on his blog but you’ll definitely view it on mine. And I’ll encourage him or anybody else to comment. Because I don’t hold comments for approval. The only thing I don’t allow is deversions from what has been written on.


Mount Pleasant Meadows survives in tough horse racing environment

Published: Friday, August 05, 2011, 9:30 AM
By Hugh Bernreuter | The Saginaw News

MOUNT PLEASANT — Each year, for better or worse, Mount Pleasant Meadows becomes more uncommon.

With fewer horse tracks surviving the economy, the “little” track at 500 N. Mission in Mount Pleasant is doing its best to bring horse racing to fans, horsemen and bettors.

“We’re the only thoroughbred racing in Michigan … the others are harness racing similar to what they had in Saginaw,” Mount Pleasant Meadows marketing director Scott Csernyik said. “We’re also a mixed-breed track, the only one east of the Mississippi (River), so we can run quarterhorses, Arabians, thoroughbreds, even Appaloosas.

“It provides variety for our fans, plus it makes it easier for us to fill out a card.”

Csernyik, 48, is a 1981 graduate of Caro High School and 1985 graduate of Central Michigan University. He also doubles as the bar manager for the track, which has run every year since 1985.

The track offers off-track betting Wednesday through Sunday, but features 30 dates of live racing through Oct. 30.

The Isabella County Fair will take over the track for a week, beginning Saturday, but Mount Pleasant Meadows will return with a full card on Sunday, Aug. 14, and will run live races every Saturday and Sunday through Oct. 30, including races on the last two Fridays and on Labor Day.

Post times are 1 p.m.

“It’s kind of a unique place, kind of a fair atmosphere, because we’re not real big,” said Csernyik, who said the normal card will draw approximately 500 spectators.

“The horsemen are happy we’re here, and we do have very competitive purses,” Csernyik said. “The number of race tracks has diminished over the years, so we’re doing everything in our power to keep this going.”

Csernyik is quick to point out that fans of Saginaw Harness Raceway, which closed after the 2005 season, will be in for a bit of a surprise. There are no sulkies, no drivers and no banked ovals.

Quarterhorse, or flat-track, racing has jockeys.

“To enjoy it, you need to understand the horses,” Csernyik said. “Quarterhorses are like dragsters … they’re fast for 440 yards. Thoroughbreds are like finely tuned racecars. They go fast and can maintain their speed throughout the race.

“Arabians are slower, but they can run forever. That’s how they were bred.”

Most cards at Mount Pleasant Meadows are dominated by thoroughbred races. At the last meet, there were nine thoroughbred races, two quarterhorse and one Arabian.

“For people who enjoy horse racing, we offer a fun day of entertainment,” Csernyik said. “It’s a fairground atmosphere. So far this year, our customers have been very receptive.

“Given the problems in the industry with tracks closing, we offer something that is becoming more and more unique.”


The comment he wouldn’t allow, so much for successfully!

Comment posted successfully!

Your comment has been received and held for approval by the blog owner.

DRCLongshot August 09, 2011, 11:26PM

So you trashed FIRST COMMENT but let the second one stand? Sorry Not Good Enough.

1st Comment.

This entire article is a joke. Why don’t you tell how THEY’VE SURVIVED.

If it wasn’t for the HBPA and strictly a few Thoroughbred Horsemen/Women getting enough votes and that was a feat within itself, ( most WILL NOT RACE their T.B.s there ) MPM would not be open.

Walter Bay hadn’t even met his conditions for a license until July. And this was only achieved because of the HBPA who are paying for the shipping costs of their T.B.s entered. MTOBA cancelled the Futurity and Mi. Juvenile Filly Stakes Races because they felt a half mile track may kill these 2 year-olds.

Because of selfish few within the HBPA worried about the money in escrow they had a brain storm that they should get it all. Sunday Races with 8-9 T.B. races some with just 5 horse fields.

July 31 Attendance was 150, the Handle: a measly $7,911. So if you call this SURVIVING???

“Thoroughbreds are like finely tuned racecars. They go fast and can maintain their speed throughout the race”?

And how long of a race is that? 4-5 furlongs? Because going a route it’s horrendous on them. This Marketing Director for MPM is delusional. Thoroughbreds going a route must be rated and at some point you throw them into full throttle something that is totally impossible running on a half mile track with turns coming at them every quarter. It’s like taking a race car or in this case a T.B. horse and getting them up to full speed only then to throw their gears into reverse with an approaching turn.

It’s called breaking ankles, legs, blowing turns and possibly running them through the rails killing both them and their jockeys.

One Thoroughbred HBPA board member who is also a Quarter-Horse member and should be thrown from the board. His interest was to play hero among his fellow Quarter Horsemen yet sits on the board of the Thoroughbred one. This years MPM meet made the other breeds happy but at the expense of the Thoroughbreds. If Hugh Bernreuter and The Saginaw News want to create an article at least write an honest one with real actual facts. MPM is a disaster and it should have never happened.

Scott Csernyik words are completely deceiving and false and so is this article. It’s not called SURVIVAL. It’s called an even further HBPA financial mess that they did not need.


Now what I should have added to the comment but didn’t is what got me angry enough to comment at all.

Where in this entire Blog written by Hugh Bernreuter on this tracks so-called survival does Marketing Director of MPM Scott Csernyik THANK THE HBPA?

Where is one iota of gratitude stated if not for this group Mount Pleasant Meadows wouldn’t have survived.

No Where that’s where.

I understand trying to drum up business for the Aug. 14th Race Card considering that on July 31st they only had 150 in attendance and with so few patrons only did a handle of $7,911.

With figures like this how long can they indeed survive?

I thought the HBPA was crazy for going to this half mile of nothing track and I still think they’re crazy as far as that goes. But I along with the HBPA knows if not for them taking a vote and the yea’s only outweighing the neigh’s but by a few Mount Pleasant’s Owner Walter Bay would have never been able to run a live meet of ANY BREED this year.

But this marketing director talks to a blogger but never once say’s I want to Thank the HBPA for saving our ass this year. I mean he didn’t exactly have to say it in this manner but then the HBPA knows I don’t bullshit around. This was fact.

Scott Csernyik talked a bunch of bull when what he should have come out with is one gigantic Thank You to this Thoroughbred Group. Because in reality this meet will cost the HBPA through the nose but who’ll benefit the most is the other Breeds of Arabian and Quarter Horses.

“The horsemen are happy we’re here? Or MPM are happy that the MIHBPA came to their rescue?

So Screw Mount Pleasant Meadows survives in tough horse racing environment.

The Headline should have read Mount Pleasant Meadows survives because of the Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association.


And on one note: In that initial first comment (that you never saw anyway) I inadvertently posted the wrong date of Aug. 7 concerning
the Attendance & Handle 150/$7,911.

There was no racing for that day. It was July 31st I was speaking of. But that wasn’t the reason why you never saw it because I commented with the correction. And answered the only other comment on the blog with the same response ( also omitted ). Because even to that individual the comment which was my second that was left to stand of course made no sense.

If your going to write a blog either allow comments or don’t. But this having to approve them before hand is crap because if you don’t like what’s said then you trash it.

Some do this in case of inappropriate content such as any obscene language but as you can see mine was anything but. The author just didn’t like the truth of the response or in reality didn’t know what was the actual truth instead letting somebody else’s words ride him along.

Marketing Director Scott Csernyik should have been quick to point out that without the HBPA, Mount Pleasant Meadows this year would have been a bust.

And they are more than deserving of a Thank You for it.

Stick to tending the bar Scott.


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