Friday At The Fillmore ~ Elton John ~ 60 Years On

Written by Elton John
Recorded at the Fillmore West Nov. 12, 1970

Elton John – piano, vocals
Dee Murray – bass
Nigel Olsson – drums

This was about as a dynamic performance as you were going to get out of three musicians without a guitar. Something that was just always associated with a Rock-n-Roll band.

Elton John, Dee Murray and Nigel Olsson proved that with their instruments alone would be an ample amount to create an explosion of music. And an explosion it was of the purest form of musical orchestration without synthesizers or any other forms yet what they created that evening would make you think that they had a full ensemble that equaled multitudes of players.

An absolutely amazing display of talent.

The tracks laid down at the Fillmore West 11-12-70:

Country Comfort 4:43
Sixty Years On 7:42
Border Song 3:46
Amoreena 5:24
Honky Tonk Women 4:26
Burn Down The Mission 7:26
Shotgun 4:33
Give Peace A Chance 2:51
Higher 6:32
Can I Put You On 7:42

They literally opened for The Kinks that night. Can you imagine?

I remember when a song he actually recorded off his first album that was released in the UK in 1969 ” Empty Sky ” but not in the U.S. until 1975 “Gulliver/Hay Chewed/Reprise” was a phenomenal work of art combining Rock & Jazz with a psychedelic twist ending.

Classic John/Taupin collaboration.

But from “Your Song” off his self entitled album “Elton John” in 1970 I was hooked along with Millions of fans. Ironically for me it was John’s earlier Albums – Tumbleweed Connection (1970) Madman Across the Water (1971) Honky Château (1972) that would remain with me throughout these years that I found intriguing and enchanted me the most with my ultimate favorite being ” Madman Across The Water “.

And these albums would display a symphony of players and give John the label of Symphonic Rock.

But for the Nov. Fillmore show all that was needed was three to mesmerize your mind and feed your musical hunger. It was a concert to remember.

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