Saturday ” Sundown ” ~ Son House

Written by Eddie James “Son” House, Jr.
Released 1965

Born in March 21, 1902 in Riverton, Mississippi Son House was a pioneer of the blues with the likes of Robert Johnson having been just one of many influenced by his works.

His long career.

Just some of his compositions.

Discography 78 RPM Recordings

Recorded May 28, 1930, in Grafton, Wisconsin, for Paramount Records.

“Dry Spell Blues”, Parts 1 and 2
“Preachin’ the Blues”, Parts 1 and 2
“My Black Mama”, Parts 1 and 2
“Clarksdale Moan” / “Mississippi County Farm Blues” (one known copy)
“Walking Blues” (unreleased)

“The Pony Blues” / “The Jinx Blues”, Part 1 (1967)
“Make Me a Pallet on the Floor” (Willie Brown) / “Shetland Pony Blues” (1967)
“Death Letter” (1985)

In 1974 he moved to Detroit, Mi. and died here in 1988. He was a Legend that left us with a lifetime of his art. If there hadn’t been a Son House there wouldn’t have been many that followed.

Preachin’ The Blues

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