Sultry Saturday ~ Jr. Walker & the All Stars ~ Cleo’s Mood

Written By Junior Walker, Harvey Fuqua and Willie Woods.
Originally Released in Sept. 1962 on the Harvey Label.

Junior Walker – Saxophone
Willie Woods – Guitar
Victor Thomas – Organ
James Graves – Drums

Re-Released on Tamla 1966

James Jamerson – Bass

Born Autry DeWalt Mixon, Jr., Walker Smoked on Sax.

Cleo’s Mood is my favorite song from this group.

It’s a raw, seductive, sultry bump and grind number. A combination of Blues & Jazz.

I only wished the song could of gone longer like 30 Minutes. But I’ll take what I can get.


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3 responses to “Sultry Saturday ~ Jr. Walker & the All Stars ~ Cleo’s Mood

  1. Thank you for the info on “Cleo’s Mood.” It is also my favorite Junior Walker song. I’m a blues guitarist and recently paid a friend to transcribe all of what Junior plays on sax. I was curious as to who played bass on the track. I thought that it could be James Jamerson but I didn’t want to assume and be wrong. I love everything about this song and I agree that it could be longer but the way that it fades out on the intro guitar figure allows the possibility of adding as many chorus as you like. I also think that the head is well suited for repeating the last four measures (twice) as an ending which is how I had my sax chart written.

  2. Your welcome William and yes I’ve got the credits on top and none other than the greatest bass player of all time played on the song. Mr. James Jamerson (I highlighted him alone). This was off the 65′ Shotgun album. James and Benny Benjamin were on Shotgun.

    When you finally lay this down flip me some audio. I miss those early days of Motown. I was born just three blocks from Hitsville in 1957. Did I know when to enter the world or what? LOL

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