Thursday Thunder ~ Hard Working Man ~ Brooks & Dunn

Written by Ronnie Dunn
Released in 1993 off the songs entitled album.

Kix Brooks – guitar, lead vocals, background vocals
Ronnie Dunn – guitar, lead vocals, background vocals

First of all you are on the right blog. LOL

This Blues Woman has gotten into a lot of different kinds of music over the years. In 1985 I was going out with a man who was Country Crazy. A lot I liked, a lot I didn’t as with anything else.

In reality I like the 50s era of country more. The Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Hank Cochran’s song writing, Floyd Cramer’s piano playing era.

But this Brooks & Dunn number reminds me of just a few of my race track buddies that scattered to the wind after the demise of DRC.

In fact I’ll never forget driving with a particular trainer’s son ( who will remain nameless but was crazy! LOL ) and few other friends in the car doing about 80 mph down Middlebelt on our way to DRC. I thought we’d be killed before we made it there.

Hard Driving Man was Blasting out of the speakers.

So when I hear this song this is what I think of. And I miss the times ( not the 80 mph ) but the people, my job and our race track.

But more so the lyrics defined us all both male and female who worked in the stable area. We worked our asses off 7 days a week.

And I don’t know about looking forward about doing it all over again the next morning. But this is the career we chose so there had to have been something we liked about it.

Let’s just put it another way. We weren’t afraid of hard work.

Half of that racetrack seemed to be either Hillbilly or Motown raised R&B Soul. With a bit of all of our nationality’s blended in.

Me I was born with the Blues embedded into my soul. And my friends who stated they were BLACK not African anything, said we ain’t never seen a white woman know more about Blues than us. LMAO

Italian/Soul what can I say and wouldn’t change a thing.

Just one blast from the past.

My 1994 memory of Hard Working – Hard Playing Detroit Race Course Stable Area Back Siders.

I miss it all.


Additional Musicians on Album:

Bruce Bouton – steel guitar
Mark Casstevens – acoustic guitar, mandolin
Jimmy Gunn – cabasa
Rob Hajacos – fiddle
Scott Hendricks – cowbell
John Barlow Jarvis – Steinway piano, organ
Dan McBride – electric guitar
Brent Mason – electric guitar
Danny Parks – acoustic guitar
John Wesley Ryles – background vocals
Harry Stinson – background vocals
Dennis Wilson – background vocals
Lonnie Wilson – drums

The song gained them a Grammy.

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