” Just One More Thing ” ~ Actor Peter Falk Has Died

I’ve got to admit I was never a big Columbo fan. My Dad was. But Peter Falk was a part of my youth.

My favorite role from this talented actor was from Frank Capra’s remake of his 1933 film Lady for a Day – 1961 ” Pocket Full Of Miracles “.

Joy Boy! Now there was a character.

” I got to think, I’ve got to think with my head ” LOL

Every single character of this movie was significant to the other. There wasn’t just one star in this movie, they were all stars. And it’s funny I ironically went to You Tube and found this Peter Falk piece in tribute to Frank Capra. And damn if the words he spoke didn’t ring of what I just wrote.


I remember the first time I watched this movie was in the late 60s when wxyz channel 7 in Detroit had movies in the afternoon after their soaps at 4:30pm.

I died laughing throughout the film in so many scenes.

” Oh look at this room like the inside of a goats stomach ”

” If I’m sober why am I seeing such things ”

” What are you standing there for growing into the carpet ”

And actor Edward Everett Horton who played the butler Hudgins answers: There is no carpet!

The whole movie was a riot. Glenn Ford and Bette Davis hated each others guts. Capra had stated that it was Falk who made the film bearable and kept him from killing Ford. And it was also Ann Margaret’s first film she ever appeared in.

Peter Falk started on the stage long before making a hollywood movie. Two hits within two years was the beginning for what turned out to be one hell of a career for Falk. Murder Inc. & Pocket Full Of Miracles. He ended up being nominated for an academy for both of his roles.

But with the awesome movies of those days that were real honest to god work of arts.


The Apartment
Never on a Sunday
and Psycho


West Side Story
Judgment at Nuremberg
The Hustler
The Guns of Navarone

more experienced and already well-known actors won the main prizes for their roles.

And face it Pocket Full Of Miracles was no West Side Story.

But Falk did win 4 Emmy Awards for Columbo.

A Woman Under the Influence was another one of my favorites from him.

Falk’s other passion was sketching in charcoal and water colors and he was excellent in it as some of his works were displayed in gallery’s.

Whatever your favorites may be from Peter Falk. Columbo will always stand out in everybody’s minds. When an actor can be identified with a particular role for life, you know they have achieved a very earned accomplishment.

May you have entered Heaven the moment you left us Mr. Falk.

And Thank You.

Oh, Just One More Thing ……….


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